Harriman Park


Park at the parking area at lake Skannatati. Take the red-triangle Arden-Surebridge Trail to the area known as Times Square. From here walk north on the trail for 500 feet past where the blazed trail turn left; stay on the old woods road (the Surebridge Mine Road) north. Surebridge Swamp is on the left. The mine is on the right at the northern end of Surebridge Swamp. There are a total of eight mine openings in this area.

The mine was owned by Robert and Peter Parrott in the 19th century, particularly during the Civil War. The ore went to the Greenwood Furnace at Arden, New York for smelting. (Lenik 1996:105-107)

July 12, 1936

Surebridge Swamp, a high, cold, forested swamp, at an altitude of about 1,000 feet, in the western part of the Harriman Section of the Palisades Interstate Park, was visited on July 12. A new station was found in the depths of the swamp, unusually penetrable owing to dry weather, for the Virginia Chain fern, Woodwardia virginica. The red fruited sorediate lichen, Cladonia incrassata, not common in the Hudson Highlands, was rather extensive here about bases of red maple trees. On the "Lichen Trail," climbing the ledges of Hogencamp Mountain, the only really ample station in the Hudson Highlands, of the Iceland Moss lichen, Cetraria islandica, was noted, other lichens . . .

Raymond H. Torrey