Warwick, Orange County, NY


0  from Hastings-on-Hudson;  26.4 miles to the light at exit 15A (Route 17 north);  at 1.4 miles pass the exit for Ringwood State Park; at 2.5 miles you pass Seven Lakes Drive (for Claudius Smith's Den walk); at 4.9 miles you pass the Tuxedo Railroad Station (where you can also hike to Claudius Smith's Den); at 6.3 miles pass Duck Cedar Inn; at 7.3 miles you reach the left turn for Route 17A;  turn diagonally left and then at stop sign, turn left.

At 1.4 miles you pass Long Meadow Road;  at 2.2 miles the 4-lane highway becomes a 2 lane highway; 2.8 miles Renaissance Fair; 5.7 miles pass the parking area for Sterling Ridge Trail. 6.0 miles Old Tuxedo Road; turn/bear right in Greenwood Lake; then shortly bear left;  climbing another ridge;  9.3 miles is the parking area for the Appalachian Trail.  Descend to the town of Warwick.  At 13.8 miles turn left onto Route 94.  Turn right onto Route 1A.  Route 1A will go into Route 1.  You will pass Blooms Corners Road (for Frankel Sanctuary).  Keep driving until you reach Route 41.  Turn north (right) and drive 2.1 miles to the park entrance (a right turn).

They have picnic tables, a play ground, lots of lawn, and a ball field.  Across the street is the Sports Complex with more ball fields (dedicated to the memory of Harold K. Stickle).  

Doesn't look like there is a natural area here.