Bear Mountain, New York


Exfoliation accounts partly for the rounding of many summits in the highlands.  One example is on Popolopen Torne.  

Crescentic gouges that occur when rock fragments embedded in Pleistocene glacier ice move over a bedrock surface fracturing the bedrock to a depth of several inches are abundant on Popolopen Torne's north side.  They are convex toward the southeast, the direction of ice movement.  Irregularities and grouping here are typical.  (Wyckoff 1971:71)

Potholes and plunge basins have been eroded out by the swirling water of Popolopen Brook just above "Hell Hole."  (Wyckoff 1971:43)

Queensboro Furnace (on West Point Land --- Keep Out)

Located at the junction of the Queensboro and Popolopen Creeks, about 2.5 miles from Fort Montgomery, NY.

1731 -- tract of 1,437 acres granted to Gabriel and William Ludlow.

1775 -- part of the land with a sawmill and the house up for sale.

1783 -- furnace built sometime after this date.

1800 -- put the Queensboro furnace out of blast.

1838 -- Professor Beck visits and notes that George Ferris owns a forge at Queensboro and one at the Forest of Dean.

1843 -- one of the forges was active as of this date.

1912 -- federal government restores the furnace. The property is on land now owned by West Point.