Dater Mountain Nature County Park
Rockland County, NY
115 acres

Via Kakiat trail at Johnsontown Road, Sloatsburg.

Hiking, nature preserve.


Suffern is at the border fault at which point the Hudson Highlands rise 800 feet above the plain. This is quite an impressive scarp. The Hudson Highlands are creased by a lot of linear, northeast-trending valleys eroded along fault-zones. Many of these fault-zones contain elongate lakes.

For 12 miles north of Suffern, US 87 passes through this rugged range along the Ramapo River. From here one can see larges cuts in brownish, greyish, greenish, and buff-colored gneisses.

(Source: Van Diver 1985)


In the late 1700s the Dater family settled in Ramsey. They were originally millers. They purchase land that became the town center of Ramsey.  (P. 19. Ron Kase. 2001. Images of America: Ramsey. Charleston, SC: Arcadia.)

The western part of the park was once part of the Spence Patent.

later 1700's to early 1800s -- extensive logging done here to provide the charcoal for the area's iron ore industry.  (Many former charcoal pits can be found here.)  Daters Mine was just north of the north end of the county park.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Abram Dater established iron works at Pleasant Valley. By 1813 he had six forges employing about 140 people located on both sides of the Ramapo. With the death of Abram Dater in 1813, the works were sold to the Sterling Company. (Green 1995:166)

1981 -- the park acquired through tax delinquency.

August 13, 1945 Tuxedo-Sloatsburg, NY

The walk to Daters Mountain Lost Cabin was cut in half because of the heat. The fungi were reduced to nil because of the drought, except for a colony of Clitocybe illudens found on a log near the end of the trip. Botrychium simplex and B. lanceolatum were unusual discoveries.

Leader, F. R. Lewis, attendance 4.