Mud Pond

Minnewaska State Park

September 21-22, 1935

Mud Pond, a shallow body of water about a third of a mile long, near the southeastern brink, occupying another dropped block depression, looks well worth hours of study, for its rich aquatic vegetation, but time did not permit intensive search, which will be left as an objective for 1936. Two comfortable rock shelters were found, which are used by blueberry pickers in July and August and were so alluring that it was proposed to use one of them as headquarters for more intensive study of this fascinating region another summer.

Arenaria groenlandica var. glabra (Minuartia glabra of Dr House's list) was occasional and still in bloom. Potentilla tridentata occurs at Sam's Point, but was not found elsewhere on this part of Shawangunk mountain, although it occurs near Lake Minnewaska and Lake Mohonk. The lichen Cetraria islandica occurs at Sam's Point and High Point, and may be elsewhere on this high plateau.

Raymond Torrey