Dr. Patrick L. Cooney, former Field Committee Chairperson, Torrey Botanical Society

Here are plant lists (along with trip directions, history, and geology) for literally hundreds of natural areas within a Torrey Botanical Society region. Just click on the underlined areas!

Warning:  This website is very much in progress.  But it is better to put the web on line now with what I have than wait for another five years when it will be much more the way it should be.  It is still an excellent website, in spite of the warts.    

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I would like to thank the various people who helped out with many of the plant lists, including Karl Anderson of the Rancocas Nature Center and Dr. William Standaert for his many compilations of plants lists.  I name a few of them in the section entitled    Thank Yous: 

Plant Identification

We use the Gleason and Cronquist book on northeast plants (and which does not provide any pictures).  There is, however, an excellent accompanying book that provides all the pictures.  You can get it at the New York Botanical Garden.   If you want to primarily use either book, but find it is very difficult to start, try this website:

A Systematic Guide to Field Botany

Geological Overview

Lower New York West of the Hudson River
1.  Port Jervis Trough 
2.  Shawangunk Mountains  
3.  Ridge & Valley Province
4.  Highlands (west of Hudson River)
5.  Newark Basin (includes Palisades)
6.  Hudson River Estuaries (west shore)

Catskills (Alleghany Plateau)  
Ulster County  
Vernooy Kill Falls  

1.  Port Jervis Trough

Ulster County
Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Canal Heritage Corridor
Delaware and Hudson Canal Heritage Corridor (north section) (a.k.a. O&W Rail Trail)                                           High Falls
D&H Canal Park at High Falls D&H Canal Heritage Corridor (North section)                                                         High Falls
D&H Canal Park at Accord                                                                                                                                    Accord
D&H Canal Park at Ellenville                                                                                                                                   Ellenville

Sullivan County

Former Apollo Hotel Area                                                                                                                                              Woodridge
Painter Hill State Multiple Use Area                                                                                                                                 Mamakating
Neversink River Unique Area Management Unit: Neversink Gorge                                                                                   Monticello/Thompson
Neversink River Unique Area Management Unit:: Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area                                                             Monticello/Thompson
Delaware-Hudson Linear Canal: Bova Road Access D&H Canal Heritage Corridor (pic1) (pic2)                                       Mamakating
Delaware-Hudson Linear Canal: Hornbeck's Access                                                                                                        Wurtsboro
Bashakill Wildlife Management Area  D&H Canal Heritage Corridor (south section) (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4) (pic5)            Westbrookville

Orange Co., NY

Mongaup River                                                                                                                                                                        Deerpark
Boehmler Pond  (feeds into Neversink River)                                                                                                                           Deerpark
D&H Canal Park, Cuddebackville (D-H Canal site)  Neversink River (pic1, 2, 3)                                                                       Deerpark
Neversink Preserve  Neversink River, Hawks Nest Drive (not a park, but beautiful views along this road)  (Delaware River)     Deerpark
Delaware River Heritage Trail (an urban walk)                                                                                                                          Port Jervis
Elks-Brox Park                                                                                                                                                                        Port Jervis 

2. Shawangunk Mountains

Ulster County, NY
Mohonk Preserve: Table Rock
Mohonk Preserve: Spring Farm Trailhead
Mohonk Preserve: Bonticou Crag
Mohonk Preserve: Guyot's Hill
Mohonk Preserve: Duck Pond (Kleine Kill)
Mohonk Preserve: Mountain House, Mohonk Lake, Sky Top, Eagle Cliff
Coxing Parking Area -- off Clove Road
Peterskill Falls Parking Area
West Trapps Parking Area 
Jenny Lane Parking Area
Awosting Parking Area
Minnewaska State Park Preserve  (Roundout Creek) (pic1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Minnewaska State Park: Litchfield Ledge LP
Minnewaska State Park: Peterskill Falls
Minnewaska State Park: Lake Awosting and Awosting Falls      LP  (Roundout Creek) (pic1, 2, 3)
Minnewaska State Park: Castle Point LP
Minnewaska State Park: Mud Pond (Haseco Lake) LP
Trapps pull-off
Mohonk Preserve Visitors' Center  
Millbrook Mountain
Gertrude's Nose
Mohonk Gateway Preserve -- Warwasing Parking (with bike path)
The Crags LP
Napanoch Point
Verkeedeerkill Falls  LP  (feeds into Shawangunk Kill)
Ice Caves (Sam's Point Preserve) (feeds into Shawangunk Kill) LP  (Lake Maratanza, pic2, caves, pic4)
Bear Hill Nature Preserve Cragsmoor  LP

Sullivan Co., NY

Long Path: Summitville-Roosa Gap Road to Route 52, Ulster County LP
Wurtsboro Ridge State Open Space Area Mamakating
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: Wurtsboro to Summitville-Roosa Gap Road  LP
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: Bashakill WMA to South Road, Wurtsboro

Orange Co., NY

Shawangunk Ridge Trail: Guymard Turnpike to Route 211                                                                                  Otisville
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: Hathorne Lake to Guymard Turnpike
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: High Point in Sussex County, NJ to Greenville Turnpike, Orange County, NY

3. Ridge & Valley Province:

3A Valley Areas

Ulster Co., NY

Bristol Beach State Park Saugerties (across the Hudson River from Clermont State Park)
Ruth Reynolds Glunt Nature Preserve at Saugerties Lighthouse Saugerties (across Hudson River from Tivoli)
Highwoods State Multiple Use Area                                                                                                                     Saugerties
Turkey Point State Park                                                                                                                                        Saugerties/Ulster border
Ulster Landing Park (across the Hudson River from the Village of Rhinebeck)                                                        Ulster
Charles Rider Park                                                                                                                                               Ulster
Ulster Town Park                                                                                                                                                 Ulster
Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
Kingston Point Park                                                                                                                                             Kingston
Sleightsburgh Park                                                                                                                                                Esopus
Esopus Meadows Preserve   (across the Hudson River from Staatsburg)                                                               Esopus
Shaupeneak Ridge Cooperative Recreation Area                                                                                                  Esopus
Black Creek Forest Preserve                                                                                                                                Esopus
John Burroughs Sanctuary, Slabsides,  (pic1) (pic2) (across the Hudson River from Hyde Park)                              West Park, Town of Esopus
Perrine's Covered Bridge County Park                                                                                                                 Esopus
Chodikee Lake Fishing Access                                                                                                                             Lloyd
Hudson Valley Rail Trail  (across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie)                                                                Lloyd
Johnson-Iorio Park
Mid-Hudson Bridge (Poughkeepsie to Highland)
Berean Park                                                                                                                                                         Lloyd
Franny Reese Preserve  (on Hudson River)                                                                                                           Lloyd
Cluett-Shantz Memorial Park                                                                                                                                Marlborough
Hemlock Ridge Multiple Use Area  (across Hudson River from Village of Wappingers Falls)                                  Plattekill
William's Lake  (across the Hudson River from Staatsburg)                                                                                    Rosendale
Shawangunk Multiple Use Area   (across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie)                                                    New Paltz
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail                                                                                                                                        Gardiner to New Paltz to Rosendale
Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                                                                                  New Paltz
Huguenot Path                                                                                                                                                      New Paltz 

Orange County, NY

Bradley Park  (Wallkill River)                                                                                      Walden
Wooster Memorial Grove                                                                                          Walden  
James Wollsey Community Park                                                                                Walden  
Waterfront Park                                                                                                         Montgomery
Winding Hills County Park  (feeds into Wallkill River) (pic1,2,lake by picnic area)              Montgomery
Stewart State Forest                                                                                                   New Windsor
Highland Lakes State Park      LP                                                                               Hamptonburgh
Thomas Bull Memorial Park  (Wallkill River)                                                               Walkill
Six and a Half  Nature Sanctuary  Heritage Trail passes near it                                     Goshen
Hook-up trail with Orange Heritage Trail                                                                     Goshen  
Orange Heritage Rail-Trail                                                                                          Goshen
Moonbeams Conservatory  (Shawangunk Kill into Wallkill River)
Pine Island Cedar Swamp (Wallkill River)
Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge  AT  
Town of Warwick Park                                                                                              Warwick
Warwick County Park                                                                                                Warwick
Cascade Lake Town Park                                                                                          Warwick
Mount Eve                                                                                                                  Warwick
Frankel Sanctuary                                                                                                       Warwick
Shannen Park                                                                                                              Wawayanda
Chadd Lake                                                                                                                Newburgh
Algonquin Park                                                                                                           Newburgh       
Downing Park                                                                                                             Newburgh
New Windsor Cantonment Historical Area                                                                  New Windsor
Moodna Creek Marsh                                                                                                 New Windsor
Kowawese Unique Area (and Plum Point Park)                                                           New Windsor
Knox's Headquarters (with Jane Colden Plant Sanctuary)                                             New Windsor

3B Catskill Outlier

Orange Co., NY

Cronomer Hill Park                                                                                                                               New Windsor
Schunemunk Mountain State Park  HT LP  (Woodbury Creek then into Moodna Creek) (pic1,2)
Schunemunk Mountain Preserve                                                                                                            Cornwall
High Knob on Schunemunk LP
Goose Pond Mountain State Park HT
Sugar Loaf Mountain                                                                                                                             Chester
Wildcat (Bellvale Mountain) HT AT
Eastern Pinnacles (Bellvale Mountain) AT
Mount Peter  AT                                                                                                                                     Warwick
Bellvale Mountain Continental Road/Route 17A    HT AT  east of Warwick County Park

4. Highlands (West Side of Hudson River)

Orange Co., NY

Kenridge Farm                                                                                                                                               Cornwall
Museum of the Hudson Highlands                                                                                                                   Cornwall
Sloop Hill Preserve
Storm King                    HT ST  (Pollopel Island, 2, 3) (Storm King1, 2, 3)
Butter Hill (see Storm King)  ST
Pollopel Island
Crow's Nest                                                                                                                                                   Cornwall
Whitehorse Mountain        ST
Mount Misery                   ST
Black Rock                      ST
Black Rock Forest           HT ST
Sackett Mountain             ST
West Point Area
Harriman State Park (46,613 acres)
Fort Montgomery State Historic Site
Bear Mountain Bridge     AT  (pic)
Bear Mountain     AT SBM (Rockland Co.) (from Long Mt.) (Hessian Lake) (pic3) (pic4)
Blackcap Mountain
Bradley Mountain
Brooks Mountain           LP
Claudius Smith's Den (Pine Hill) (pic1) (pic2)
Cranberry Hill
Florence Mountain
Jones Point   RD
Dunderberg Mountain RD
Bald Mountain RD
West  AT RD  SB
The Timp 1777 Trail to the TT Trail
Black Mountain  AT RD
Letterrock Mountain AT  RD (at William Brien shelter)
Goshen Mountain  RD
Lake Tiorati     near the AT (center, beach)
Hasenclever Mine (Red Cross trail) (Tiorati brook, mine1, 2)
Fingerboard Mountain RD
Surebridge Mountain RD
Times Square ASB LP RD
Hogencamp Mountain RD
Tom Jones Mountain   RD
Parker Cabin Mountain RD
Black Ash Mountain  RD
Horse Pond Mountain RD
Stockbridge Mountain AT LP
Fingerboard Mountain  over Lake Tiorati   AT RD LP
Surebridge Mountain       AT  LP
Lemon Squeezer AT
Pine and Surebridge Swamps
Island Pond Mountain  AT  LP
Island Pond  AT
Green Pond Mountain  AT
Green Pond
AT crosses US 87 at Arden Valley Road north of Tuxedo, NY    AT
Spruce Pond
Wildcat Mountain
Arden (old Greenwood Furnace)
Arden Mountain  AT
Little Dam Lake  AT
Buchanan Mt.  AT
Klowers Pond AT
Mombasha High Point  AT
Fitzgerald Falls (near the AT) (pic1, 2, 3, 4)
Popolopen Mountain and Gorge (pic1)
Reeves Brook Trail
Two Pond Mountain
Blackcap Mountain LP
Brooks Hollow LP
Howell Mountain LP
Turkey Hill Lake/Long Mountain LP (Torrey memorial) (lake)
Silver Mine Lake LP
Stockbridge Mountain LP
Times Square LP
Lake Skannatati LP  (pic1, 2)
Sterling Forest History, including Tuxedo Park
Sterling Forest (Appalachian Trail section- Little Dam Lake) AT
Sterling Forest: (Indian Hill) (Southfield furnace, 2)
Sterling Forest: West Valley Trail
Sterling Forest (Sterling Ridge Trail)    AT HT (northern section of Sterling Forest)   SR
Sterling Forest (Sterling Lake Trail) (Sterling Lake 1, 2)
Sterling Forest (Fire Tower Trail)
Sterling Forest (Four Corner Ponds)
Sterling Forest (Laurel Meadow Ponds)
Sterling Forest (Rifle Range Area)
Sterling Forest (Cedar Pond) (Blue Lake pic)
Sterling Forest (Cedar Swamp Trail)
Sterling Forest (Eagle Lake) (pic1)
Sterling Forest (Eagle Valley vicinity)
Sterling Forest (Spruce Swamp)
Arrow Park                                                                                                                                                Monroe

Rockland Co., NY
Eleanor Burlingham Memorial County Park                                                                                                  Cornwall
Dater Mountain Nature County Park
Dater's Mountain
Torne Valley/Torne                                                                                                                                       Ramapo Township

North-South Trails:
Eagle Rock (Tuxedo Mt. Ivy trail)
Squirrel Swamp (Tuxedo Mt. Ivy trail)
Green swamp (Tuxedo Mt. Ivy trail)
Conklin Mountain (Tuxedo Mt. Ivy trail)
Halfway Mountain (connecting trails)
Pine Meadow Lake (Pine Meadow Trail) (center, trail, Cascade of Slid, 4, Stone Giants, 6, 7, lake, 9,10)
Diamond Mountain (Pine Meadow Trail)
North Hill (Pine Meadow trail)
Bear Mountain Inn SBM
Doodletown SBM
Doodletown Reservoir SBM
West Mountain SBM
Horn Hill SBM
The Pines SBM
Pingyp Mountain SBM
Pound Swamp Mountain SBM
Irish Mountain SBM
Lake Welch SBM
Jackie Jone Mountain SBM
Big Hill SBM
Breakneck Pond SBM
Ladentown Mountain SBM
Limekiln Mountain SBM
Eagle Rock Tuxedo-Mt Ivy trail to SBM
Squirrel Mountain & Squirrel Swamp
Panther Mountain SBM
Catamount Mountain SBM
Horse Stable Mountain SBM
Cobus Mountain SBM
Kakiat County Park  Kakiat Trail to SBM
Mitch Miller Town Park
Nordkop Mountain SBM
Lake Skannatati & skirts Pine Swamp Mountain (see Orange County) LP
Pole Brook Mountain                       LP
Big Hill                                             LP
Horse Chock Mountain                     LP
Cheesecote Mountain Town Park     LP                                                                                                 Haverstraw
Matapan Rock  SM
High Mountain SM
Ilgenstein Rock SM
Bear Lake SM
Hoevenkopf Mountain SM

East-West Trail:
Black Mountain RD (Orange County)
Cats Elbow RD
The Timp RD
Bald Mountain RD
Dunderberg Mountain RD
Jones Point RD

5. Newark Basin

5A. (excluding Watchungs & Palisades)

Rockland County
Davenport Preserve                                                                                                                     Clarkstown 
Kennedy-Dells County Park 
Lorna Lane Park
Spring Valley Memorial Park                                                                                                        Spring Valley
Viola Town Park 
Monsey Glen County Park
Frank J. and Lillian G. Schwartz Nature Preserve                                                                          Monsey
Veterans Memorial Park, Orangeburg                                                                                           Orangeburg Township
De Wint House                                                                                                                             Tappan
Tappan Memorial Park and '76 House                                                                                          Tappan

5B Palisades

Rockland County
Mount Ivy County Park (Samuel G. Fisher Environmental Park)
Gurnee Quarry City Park                            LP
South Mountain County Park                      LP
Little Tor                                                    LP
High Tor State Park                                    LP
Hook Mountain, Rockland Lake State Park     LP (view from)
Rockland Lake State Park
passes Nyack High School                         LP
Dak Hill Cemetery                                      LP
behind Nyack College Campus                   LP
Mountainview Nature County Park             LP
Buttermilk Falls County Park                      LP
former site of Balanced Rock LP -- great view -- LP
Schuyler Town Park
Sean Hunter Ryan Memorial Park              LP                                                                              Nyack
Blauvelt Interstate Park (509 acres)           LP
Tackamack Town Park (see Blauvelt)        LP
Clausland Mountain State Park                  LP
Piermont thru Rockland Cemetery (grave of Gen. Fremont) LP
crosses abandoned Erie RR line                 LP
Sparkill Creek in Piermont                         LP
Tallman Mountain State Park                     LP  (pic1,2, 3)
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observation Laboratory to Tallman State Park LP
De Wint House -                                       LP                                                                             Village of Tappan
Lamont Nature Sanctuary

6. Hudson River Estuaries (West Shore)

Ulster Co., NY
Bristol Beach State Park
Ulster Landing Park

Rockland County
Iona Island  (pic1)
Jones Point
Stony Point (pic1)
Rockland Lake Landing
Nyack Beach State Park at base of Hook Mountain
Piermont Pier

Trail Abbreviations:

.. Trail Name Start/Finish
AS Arden-Surebridge Trail  
AT Appalachian Trail in our area from Kittatinny Mtns. to Clarence Fahnestock State Park
FH Farny Highlands Trail  
LP Long Path Palisades of New Jersey to Schunemunk Mountain
PP Patriot's Path Jockey Hollow, Morristown N.H.P.
RD  Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail Tuxedo, NY to Jones Pont on the Hudson
SBM Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail Suffern, NY to Bear Mountain
SM Suffern-Midvale Trail Suffern across Ramapo River to Midvale
SR Sterling Ridge Trail Hewitt Butler Trail to near summit of Tuxedo Mountain
ST Stillman Trail Mountainville, NY to Storm King
HT Highlands Trail