Rockland County, New York


Dater's Iron Works

1800 -- Abraham Dater has two forges, one on each side of the Ramapo River. He uses pig iron from Sterling and Southfield furnaces. (Located two miles south of the Tuxedo RR station, where Washington Avenue turns east from Route 17 over the railroad.)

A mile and a half to the northeast is Dater's Mountain. Here are the remains of Dater's Mine.

1812 -- Dater owns 2,600 acres between the Ramapo River and Stony Brook.

1820 -- Thomas Ward, Dater's son-in-law, becomes a partner and the firm is called Dater & Ward.

1823 -- Dater sells all but 70 acres to his son-in-law. The rest goes to his son, Abraham, Jr.

1831 -- Abraham Dater, Sr. dies. Works sold to the Sterling Co.

1849 -- the works taken over by N. P. Thomas; he was succeeded by A. H. Dorr; then they went to John Sarsen (who operated them until 1854).

1854 -- works abandoned.

August 13, 1945 Tuxedo-Sloatsburg, NY

The walk to Daters Mountain Lost Cabin was cut in half because of the heat. The fungi were reduced to nil because of the drought, except for a colony of Clitocybe illudens found on a log near the end of the trip. Botrychium simplex and B. lanceolatum were unusual discoveries.

Leader, F. R. Lewis attendance 4.