History of Hampton Township

Sussex County, New Jersey


The rock in the township is predominantly limestone.  The Paulinskill River runs through the township.


c. 1760  --  Andrew Menning built the Lorenzo Home, one of the township's earliest settlers.

The village of Washingtonville was originally called Halsey’s Corner.

1800  -- Balesville on the Paulinskill and about a mile northwest of Washingtonville was settled by Henry and Peter Bale, and one or two others. They erected a larger grist-mill, a saw-mill, and a blacksmith’s shop.

c. 1820  --  in Balesville, a woolen manufactory was built. After two or three years of operation, the manufactory became a carding mill. The carding mill ran night and day because it was the only such mill in the county.

1826  --  the Balesville Congregational Church was established in Branchville.

1846  -- the Balesville Congregational Church built on 3/4 of an acre purchased from the Bale brothers.

1848  --  in Washingtonville, Sylvester P. Case built Case’s Hotel, the only hotel in the township at the time. 

c. 1848  --  in Balesville a Christian Church was erected here with the Rev. Alva Hermans as pastor. A later pastor was the Rev. George Searles.

1855  --  Benjamin S. Case became owner of Case's Hotel. Other buildings in the township were a small grocery, wheelwright's and a blacksmith’s shop, a schoolhouse and about 13 houses and a population of about 60.

1864  --  Newton Township was abolished when it was divided into Andover and Hampton Townships and the town of Newton.  It was named after Jonathan Hampton, who gave the land for the Newton court-house and helped get Newton get the county seat instead of Stillwater.

1872  --  Pleasant Valley adjoined Balesville and the combine population was fifty.

?  --  a Creamery was once located on Rt. 626 Halsey Road was the site of a railroad depot.


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