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Sussex County

Wantage Recreation Area (feeds into Wallkill River)                  Wantage Township
Elm Spring Preserve                                                                  Wantage Township    NJLT
Congleton Wildlife Sanctuary                                                     Wantage Township, Hardyston Township and Lafayette Township NJLT
Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge                                       Wantage Township/Vernon Township  limestone
Park                                                                                          Sussex Boro
Bear Swamp Wildlife Management Area                                    Frankford Township/Hampton Township
Paulinskill River Wildlife Management Area (Paulin's Kill Lake)  Hampton Township
Swartswood State Park (Paulins Kill)                                         Hampton Township/Stillwater Township limestone
Boro Park                                                                                 Branchville Boro
Memory Park                                                                            Town of Newton
Trout Brook Wildlife Management Area                                     Stillwater Township
Blair Creek Preserve                                                                  Stillwater Township
Fairview Lakes Camp                                                                Stillwater Township
Bufanio                                                                                      Stillwater Township   NJLT
The Blue Heron Rookery                                                            Lafayette Township                                                  
Crooked Swamp Caves Preserve                                               Lafayette Township   NJLT
Sussex Swamp Preserve                                                            Andover Township
St. Paul's Abbey (hopefully)                                                       Andover Township
Kittatinny Valley State Park                                                       Andover Township (source of headwaters of Pequest River) limestone
Sussex Branch Railroad Trail                                                      Andover Township   limestone
Paulinskill Valley Trail (Dixon Road)                                          Fredon Township
Muckshaw Ponds Preserve: Valley View Farm                          Fredon Township
Muckshaw Ponds Preserve: PMI Tract                                      Fredon Township
Muckshaw Ponds Preserve                                                        Fredon Township
Whittingham Wildlife Management Area (feeds into Pequest R.)  Fredon Township/Green Township limestone
Dark Moon Preserve                                                                 Green Township
Pochuck Mountain west                                                             Vernon Township
Pochuck Mountain east                                                              Vernon Township
Wallkill River Project Area                                                         Sparta Township  NJLT
Paulinskill Valley Trail                                                                  limestone

Warren County

White Lake limestone                                                                                                        Hardwick
Hardwick Meadows Preserve                                                                                              Hardwick
Paulin's Kill Creek limestone
Limestone Ridge and Marsh Preserve  limestone                                                              Blairstown
Beech Ridge Preserve                                                                                                        Blairstown
Earl Brugler Preserve                                                                                                          Blairstown Township NJLT
Columbia Wildlife Management Area                                                                                   Knowlton Township
Columbia Lake (Paulin's Kill) limestone                                                                             Knowlton
Osmun Forest Natural Area                                                                                                 Knowlton
Bursch Sugar Maple Natural Area                                                                                       Knowlton/Hope
Johnsonburg Swamp Preserve (Mud Pond) (Bear Creek to Pequest R.) limestone (pic1)   Frelinghuysen
Johnsonburg Cliffs (Bear Creek to Pequest River) limestone                                               Frelinghuysen
Glover's Pond Preserve (Bear Creek to Pequest River) limestone                                       Frelinghuysen
Grendell Ridge Preserve,                                                                                                      Frelinghuysen
Tranquility Preserve                                                                                                             Allamuchy
Honey Run Wildlife Management Area                                                                                 Hope
Jenny Jump State Forest                                                                                                       Frelinghuysen, Hope, Liberty, and Independence Twps
Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area                                                                                   White
Pequest Trout Hatchery and Natural Resource Education Center (Pequest River) limestone White/Liberty/Mansfield
Pequest Wildlife Management Area: White                                                                           White
Beaver Brook Wildlife Management Area                                                                            White Township
Scotts Mountain                                                                                                                   White
Pequest Wildlife Management Area: Oxford                                                                         Oxford
West Oxford Mountain Natural Resource Area                                                                    Oxford
Oxford Furnace Lake Park (furnace) (Shippen Manor)                                                             Oxford
Griffiths Woods Natural Area                                                                                               Washington Township
Lake Marguerite Wildlife Refuge                                                                                          Washington Township
Roaring Rock Park                                                                                                               Washington Township
Pohatcong Creek Natural Area                                                                                             Washington Township
Springtown Road Natural Area                                                                                             Washington Township
Merrill Creek Reservoir Environmental Preserve                                                                    Washington Township
Marble Hill Natural Resource Area  and/or Merrill Creek Reservoir MUA;                           Lopatcong and Harmony Townships 
Wildlife Management Area at Harmony Station                                                                      Harmony
Delaware River Park                                                                                                             Phillipsburg
Central New Jersey Rail Trail (hopefully)                                                                               Phillipsburg
Alpha Grasslands                                                                                                                  Alpha
River Road                                                                                                                            south of Carpentersville