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Monmouth County

Turkey Swamp Park & Wildlife Management Area (Manasquan River)                                 Freehold Township
Durand Park Memorial Arboretum                                                                                        Freehold Township
Baysholm Conservation Area                                                                                                Freehold Township
Dorbrook Recreation Area (Swimming River into Navesink River)                                         Colts Neck Township
Swimming River Natural Area
Manasquan River Linear Park                                                                                                Freehold and Howell Townships
Allaire State Park (Manasquan River) Allaire furnace pic (bakery)                                                               Howell and Wall Townships
Howell County Park (Timber Swamp Brook into Manasquan River)                                       Howell Township
Manasquan Reservoir (Manasquan River)                                                                              Howell Township
Weltz Park                                                                                                                            Ocean Township
Whale Pond Brook Preserve                                                                                                 Eatontown Borough and Ocean Township
Shark River Park (Shark River)                                                                                             Neptune Township
Hurley Pond                                                                                                                          Wall Township
Manasquan Wildlife Management Area                                                                                  Wall Township
Halifax Piece                                                                                                                         Wall Township
Wolf Hill Recreation Area                                                                                                     Oceanport Boro
Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park                                                                                         Long Branch City
Fisherman's Cove                                                                                                                  Manasquan Boro
Sedge Island (Manasquan River)                                                                                            Brielle Boro

Ocean County

Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area (Toms River)
Patriots County Park (Longs Brook into Toms River)
Butterfly Bogs Wildlife Management Area (Toms River)
Pine Park (Metedeconk River)
Georgian Court College (Metedeconk River)
Lake Carasaljo Municipal Park (Metedeconk River)
Ocean County Park: Lake Fishigan (Schoolhouse Branch into Metedeconk River)
Lake Shenandoah County Park (Metedeconk River)
Metedeconk River County Recreation Area (adjacent to Lake Shenandoah County Park)
Brick Township Open Space
Beaver Dam Creek County Park
Gull Island County Conservation Area
Meadowbrook State Forestry Station (Toms River)
Manchester Wildlife Management Area (Toms River)
Whiting Wildlife Management Area (Toms River)
Lakehurst (Hurricane Brook into Toms River)
Pine Lake Park
Winding River Park (Toms River)
Pasadena Wildlife Management Area
Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area (Chamberlain Branch, Cedar Creek)
Webb's Mill (Cedar Creek)
Forked River Mountains: Forked River Mountain Preserve (Factory Branch)
Forked River Mountains: Oak Leaf Preserve
Forked River Mountains: Cave Cabin Preserve
Wells Mills County Park
Crossley Preserve
Double Trouble State Park (Middle, Dover, and Daniels Branches, Cedar Creek)
Dover Forge (Double Trouble State Park, Dover Branch, Cedar Creek)
Berkeley Island County Park (Cedar Creek)
Dwarf Forests of the Plains around Warren Grove
A. Paul King County Park
Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area (Westecunk Creek)
Swan Point Natural Area
Cattus Island (map west) (map east)
Mill Creek County Park
Island Beach pic 1
Sedge Islands Wildlife Management Area (access by boat only)
Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
Eno's Pond County Park
Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area
Stanley Tip Seaman County Park
Great Bay Wildlife Management Area
Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge

Burlington County

Atsion (Mullica River) Wharton State Forest (Samuel Richard's mansion, general store, lake)
Constable Bridge (Mullica River) Wharton State Forest
Pleasant Mills (Mullica River) Wharton State Forest
Sweetwater (Mullica River)
Green Bank (Mullica River)
Lower Bank (Mullica River)
Wading River (Mullica River)
Great Bay (Mullica River)
Browns Mills, Mirror Lake
Fort Dix, Hanover Lake
Mt. Misery Brook
Country Lake
De Marco Farmland
Carpenter Spring BT
Deep Hollow Pond BT
Lebanon Fire Tower BT
Lebanon State Forest BT (Greenwood Branch, North Branch, Rancocas Creek)
Lebanon State Forest (Whitesbog) (Greenwood Branch of North Branch Rancocas Creek)                Browns Mills
Lebanon State Forest (Buckingham)
Lebanon State Forest (Mount Misery)
Lebanon State Forest (Pasadena) North Branch & Middle Branch; Goose Pond
Lebanon State Forest (Bullock) South Branch
Lebanon State Forest (Woodmansie) McDonalds Branch
Lebanon State Forest (Butler Place)
Lebanon State Forest (Ong's Hat) Stop the Jade Run; Deep Hollow Pond BT
Lebanon State Forest (Carpenter Spring) Bisphams Mill Creek BT
Lebanon State Forest (Natural Area, Shinns Branch) BT
Lebanon State Forest (Pakim Pond) Coopers Branch BT
Lebanon State Forest (McDonald's Branch)
Hampton Furnace, Skit Branch (Batsto River) Wharton State Forest
Lower Forge BT (Batsto River) Wharton State Forest
Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower, Chatsworth Woods BT
Carranza Memorial BT
Wharton State Forest
Quaker Bridge BT (Batsto River) Wharton State Forest pic 1 w/ Ted Gordon pic2
Batsto BT (Batsto River) Wharton State Forest (pic1; Batsto Lake1,2)
Chatsworth, Lebanon State Forest (Wading River)
Franklin E. Parker and DeMarco Cranberry Meadow Natural Area
Speedwell Furnace, Chatsworth Lake (Wading River)
Hawkin's Bridge (Wading River)
Godfrey Bridge (Wading River)
Jenkins (Wading River)
Evans Bridge (Wading River)
New Gretna (Wading River)
Swan Bay Wildlife Management Area
Penn State Forest, Oswego Lake (Oswego River)
High Bridge (Oswego River)
Martha Furnace (Oswego River)
Harrisville, Harrisville Lake (Oswego River)
Bass River (into Wading River)
Bass River State Forest
Absegami Natural Area, West Branch, Lake Absegami, see Bass River State Forest (Bass River)
Folsom (Great Egg Harbor River)
8th Street (Great Egg Harbor River)
Penny Pot (Great Egg Harbor River)
Weymouth (Great Egg Harbor River)
Lake Lenape (Great Egg Harbor River)
Mays Landing (Great Egg Harbor River)
Tuckahoe River (Great Egg Harbor River)
Somers Point (Great Egg Harbor River)

Gloucester County

Swedesboro (Peter Kalm's church)

Cumberland County

Willow Grove Lake Preserve
Maurice National Scenic and Recreational River
Menantico Ponds Wildlife Management Area
south of Port Elizabeth
Heislerville State Wildlife Management Area
Heislerville State Wildlife Management Area (East Point Lighthouse) (East Point lighthouse) (pic2)
Heislerville State Wildlife Management Area (Moore's Beach)
Heislerville State Wildlife Management Area (Thompson's Beach)
Bivalve Area
Turkey Point Wildlife Management Area
Manumuskin River area
Manumuskin River Preserve
New Sweden Wildlife Management Area

Lummis Ponds Nature Preserve

Cape May County

Bear Swamp West