Willow Grove  Lake Preserve
Vineland, Pittsgrove Township, Salem & Cumberland Counties, NJ
1,105 acres (130 acre Willow Grove Lake)


pre-historic  -- Native American camp sites here.  

late 1900s -- an earthen dam along the Maurice River creates Willow Grove Lake.  Industries here included logging, agriculture, and cranberry bogs.  

1993  -- the preserved established at Willow Grove Lake.

1994  --  E. I du Pont de Nemours & Company, Inc., donate 1,035 acres to the Nature Conservancy to add to Willow Grove Lake Preserve.


5 mile stretch along the upper Maurice River

Rare Plants:
Dioscorea villosa var. Hirticaulis (hairy-stemmed wild yam root)
Sagittaria teres (slender arrowhead)