Oak Leaf Preserve
Lacey Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

The preserve is in the Cedar Creek watershed west of the Garden State Parkway and north of Lacey Road.


1800s  --  maps show that the property was once utilized as part of a vineyard.

later the parcel was owned by the Christian Herald Association which operates the Bowery Mission in New York City.

The property was slated to be sold and developed into a major subdivision.

spring of 2002  -- the Forked River Mountain Coalition acquired a 34-acre parcel of land in Lacey Township. The property is named for the adjoining neighborhood and forested area. The Coalition used part of its Green Acres matching grant to acquire the parcel. Additional grant funds from the New Jersey Conservation Foundation's local assistance program were also utilized to help cover acquisition costs.


The tract is completely forested. The majority of the property contains an upland oak forest. A small one-acre portion, however, contains wetlands where suitable habitat exists for Pine Barren tree frogs.

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