Manumuskin River Preserve
Maurice River Township, Cumberland County, NJ
3,503 acres


Manumuskin is from Menen, "to drink," muskee, "swamp" and ink, "Place."

1782-1889  -- an earthen dam across the Manumuskin River at Port Elizabeth lowers the water level four feet permitting agricultural settlement.

1790s  -- settlement of Fries Mill (its remains listed on the Cumberland County Register of Historic Structures and Sites)

1889  -- dam destroyed by tidal flooding.

early 1900s  -- start of long history of sand and gravel mining operations. 

1982  -- preserve established: managed by TNC.


open mudflats, upland forest, grassy meadows, white cedar lowland swamps; freshwater tidal marsh

Rare plants:

Aeschynomene virginica (sensitive joint-vetch)
Desmodium strictum (stiff tick-trefoil)
Eupatorium resinosum (pine barrens boneset)