New Gretna, Burlington County

23,257 acres.  


Access from Garden State Parkway exit 52 south, and exit 50 north.  Directions: Located in Bass River Township, Burlington County, the forest is about 25 miles north of Atlantic City and 6 miles west of Tuckerton. It is accessible from U.S. Route 9 and the Garden State Parkway (South Exit 52, North Exit 50).  Fee charged  from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.  

West Pine Plains Natural Area  

3,830 acres set aside to preserve a portion of the pine plains.  It is a naturally stunted forest.  At least one rare plant species and twelve rare moths are protected in the natural area.

Absegami Natural Area

28 acres of pinelands white cedar swamp with surrounding upland oak-pine community.  A boat and canoe concession is operated at Lake Absegami during the summer months. Powered boats are limited to electric motors.


Since 1905 the State Department of Conservation and Economic Development has managed the forest here. It is New Jersey's oldest public forest. (Pepper 1965:122)

New Jersey began acquiring the land for this state forest in 1905. In the 1930's, two streams flowing through the park were impounded creating 67-acre Lake Absegami which has become the center of public recreation, water conservation, wildlife and timber management. (from the website "New Jersey Pinelands Visitor Facilities at a Glance")


A half mile self-guided nature trail beginning at the eastern arm of Lake Absegami provides a cross-section of typical pine-oak woods and a small Atlantic white cedar bog. Visitors may be able to observe a variety of birds and animals common to the area.


loblolly pine

white pine