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5A. Newark Basin (excluding Watchungs, Palisades & Sourlands)

Hunterdon County

Vinces Ravine                                                                                                         Holland Township
Javes Road                                                                                                             Holland Township
Milford Bluffs Preserve (pic1) (pic2)                                                                          Holland Township
Schick Reserve (Harihokake Creek)                                                                       Alexandria Township
Nishisackawick Preserve                                                                                         Frenchtown Borough
Milltown Road Preserve                                                                                          Kingwood Township
Wickecheoke Reserve and Wickecheoke Greenway                                                Kingwood/Delaware Townships
Lockatong Wildlife Management Area                                                                     Kingwood Township
Stewardship Forest                                                                                                 Kingwood Township
Kingwood Fishing Access Site (D&R Canal)                                                           Kingwood Township
Lenape Park                                                                                                           Delaware Township
Bull's Island and Prallsville Mills  (D&R Canal)                                                         Delaware Township
Westcott Nature Preserve                                                                                        Delaware Township
Meadow Creek                                                                                                       Delaware Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park                                                                      Stockton Borough
Holcombe Island                                                                                                      Lambertville
Lambertville (D&R Canal)                                                                                       Lambertville
near Lambertville                                                                                                     West Amwell Township
Delago Property                                                                                                      West Amwell Township
South Branch Reservation (South Branch, Raritan River)
South Branch Reservation -- Landsdown Trail Section                                             Franklin Township
South Branch Reservation -- Pine Hill Section                                                          Franklin Township
South Branch Reservation -- Valinsky's Section                                                        Franklin Township & Clinton Township
South Branch Reservation -- Sunnyside Picnic Area                                                 Clinton Township
South Branch Reservation -- Echo Hills EEA                                                           Clinton Township
South Branch Reservation  --  Stanton Station Section                                              Raritan Township
South Branch Reservation -- Assicong Marsh Natural Area                                      Raritan Township
South Branch Reservation -- Deer Path Park Section                                                Readington Township
South Branch Reservation -- Wings Section                                                              Readington Township
South Branch Reservation -- Three Bridges Section                                                  Readington Township
Hunterdon County Arboretum (Clinton Township)                                                    Clinton Township
Round Valley State Park (South Branch, Raritan River)                                            Clinton Township
Capoolong Creek Wildlife Management Area                                                           Franklin Township
Uplands Nature Reserve  (Flemington Greenbelt)                                                       Raritan Township
Bernadette Morales Park  (Flemington Greenbelt)                                                     Flemington Boro, Raritan Township
Mine Brook Park  (Flemington Greenbelt)                                                                Flemington Boro, Raritan Township
Tuccamirgan Park (Flemington Greenbelt)                                                                 Readington Township
Whitehouse Station                                                                                                   Readington Township
South Branch Wildlife Management Area: Merck Section (northern part)                   Readington Township
South Branch Wildlife Management Area: Merck Section (southern part)                   Raritan Township
Voorhees Corner Open Space                                                                                  Raritan Township                 

Kugler Woods
Martin Woods
Isenburger Preserve, Lebanon Township NJLT

Mercer County, NJ

Washington Crossing State Park (Delaware & Raritan Canal)                                      Hopewell Township
Washington Crossing to Scudders Falls (Delaware & Raritan Canal)                            Hopewell Township
Cedar Ridge                                                                                                                Hopewell Township
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association                                                             Hopewell  Township
Baldwin Lake Wildlife Management Area                                                                     Hopewell Township
Kunkel Park                                                                                                                Hopewell Township
Mountain View Park                                                                                                    Hopewell Township
Banchoff Park                                                                                                              Ewing Township
John S. Watson Park                                                                                                    Ewing Township
Rambling Creek Park                                                                                                   Ewing Township
Village on the Green Park                                                                                            Ewing  Township
Benjamin Temple House and Park                                                                                Ewing Township
Armstrong Park                                                                                                           Ewing  Township
Ewing Park                                                                                                                 Ewing Township
Moody Park                                                                                                               Ewing Park
Curlis Lake Woods Nature Preserve                                                                            Pennington Boro
Rosedale Park (Stony Brook)                                                                                      Hopewell
Cadwalader Park (Delaware & Raritan Canal)                                                             Trenton
Kuser Farm Park and Museum                                                                                     Hamilton Township
Parsonville Northern Community Park                                                                          Hamilton  Township
Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park: Kingston and Lake Carnegie south                  Princeton Township & Boro
D&R Canal State Park: Turning Basin Park                                                                  Princeton Township & Boro  
D&R Canal State Park: Port Mercer Section                                                                Princeton Township & Boro
D&R Canal State Park: Baker's Basin                                                                          Lawrence Township
D&R Canal State Park: Carnegie Road                                                                        Lawrence Township
Carson Road Woods                                                                                                   Lawrence Township
Mercer County Park Northwest                                                                                   Hopewell/Lawrence
Laurie Chauncey Nature Path                                                                                       Lawrence Township
Shipetaukin Woods Trail                                                                                              Lawrence Township
Pole Farm Trail    (Rosedale Park)                                                                                Lawrence Township
Johnson Trolley Line north                                                                                            Lawrence Township
D&R Canal State Park: north                                                                                       Lawrence Township
D&R Canal State Park: John Brearley House                                                               Lawrence  Township
D&R Canal State Park: south                                                                                       Lawrence Township
Central Park  (Johnson Trolley Line south)                                                                    Lawrence Township
Drexel Woods                                                                                                             Lawrence Township
Colonial Lake Park                                                                                                      Lawrence Township
Armory Woods                                                                                                            Lawrence Township
Tiffany Woods                                                                                                             Lawrence Township
Village Park                                                                                                                 Lawrence Township
Park on Route 206                                                                                                      Lawrence Township
Herrontown Woods Arboretum & Park (Millstone River)                                             Princeton Township & Boro
Barbara Smoyer Park                                                                                                  Princeton Township & Boro
Park in Cedar Grove                                                                                                    Princeton Township & Boro
Princeton Day School                                                                                                   Princeton Township & Boro
Woodfield Reservation                                                                                                 Princeton Township & Boro  
Johnson Park School                                                                                                    Princeton Township & Boro
Rosedale Road Woods                                                                                                 Princeton Township & Boro
Greenway Meadows Park                                                                                            Princeton Township & Boro
Tusculum and the John Witherspoon Woods                                                                 Princeton Township & Boro
Mountain Lakes North                                                                                                  Princeton Township & Boro
Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve                                                                                  Princeton Township & Boro
Coventry Farm                                                                                                             Princeton Township & Boro
Community Park North                                                                                                 Princeton Township & Boro
Community Park South                                                                                                  Princeton Township & Boro
Marquand Park                                                                                                             Princeton Township & Boro
Princeton Institute Woods & Charles Rogers Sanctuary (Stony Brook into Millstone)          Princeton Township & Boro  (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)
Princeton Battlefield State Park Princeton (Stony Brook into Millstone River)                  Princeton Township & Boro  (pic1)

Gulick Farm

Bergen County

Celery Farm                                                                                                                              Allendale
Baylor Massacre Burial Site Park                                                                                               River Vale
Lake Tappan                                                                                                                             River Vale
Poplar Road Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                                                  River Vale
Pascack Brook County Park                                                                                                      Westwood
Emerson Woods Preserve                                                                                                          Emerson
Alfis Tract                                                                                                                                  New Milford
Van Saun County Park                                                                                                               Paramus
Saddle River County Park                                                                                                          Ridgewood
Wood Dale County Park                                                                                                            Woodcliff  Lake
Dahnert's Lake County Park                                                                                                       Garfield
Samuel Nelkin County Park                                                                                                        Wallington
Clarence W. Brett Park (Hackensack River)                                                                                North Hackensack
Hackensack River County Park (Hackensack River)                                                                    Hackensack
Johnson Park (Hackensack River)                                                                                                Hackensack
Foschini Park                                                                                                                               Hackensack
Andreas Park                                                                                                                               Teaneck
Hackensack River Greenway (Teaneck)                                                                                       Teaneck
Fairleigh Dickinson University (Hackensack River)                                                                        Teaneck
Hackensack River Greenway: Pomander Walk Open Space                                                         Teaneck
Terhune Park                                                                                                                                Teaneck
Phelps Woods                                                                                                                              Teaneck
Oscar E. Olsen Park                                                                                                                     Bogota  
World War I Memorial Park                                                                                                         Bogota
Overpeck State Park (Hackensack River)                                                                                     Ridgefield/Leonia/Palisades Park
Wildlife Preserve (Hackensack River)                                                                                            Ridgefield
Meadowlark Wetlands (Hackensack River)                                                                                   Ridgefield
Skeetkill Creek Marsh and Bellman's Marsh                                                                                  Ridgefield
Teterboro Woods                                                                                                                         Moonachie
Losen Slote Creek Park (former tributary of the Hackensack River)                                               Little Ferry
Bergen County Utilities Authority Nature Preserve                                                                          Little Ferry
Empire Tract                                                                                                                                  Little Ferry
Walden Marsh
Garfield River Front Park (Passaic River)                                                                                       Garfield
Wallington Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                     Wallington
Memorial Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                       Rutherford
Nereid Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                           Rutherford
Van Winkle Rutherford (Passaic River)
East Rutherford Riverside Marsh East (Passaic River)                                                                     Rutherford
Silver Streak Acquisition East (Passaic River)                                                                                 Rutherford 
Cedar Creek Marsh East                                                                                                               Rutherford
Lyndhurst Riverside Parks (Passaic River)                                                                                      Lyndhurst
Berry's Creek Marsh                                                                                                                      East Rutherford/Lyndhurst
Berry's Creek Marsh: Oritani Marsh
Hackensack Meadowlands: Lyndhurst Nature Reserve                                                                   Lyndhurst
Carlstadt (planned mall) (Hackensack River)
Hackensack Meadowlands: Richard W. DeKorte Park                                                                   Lyndhurst
Riverside County Park North ((Passaic River)                                                                                 Lyndhurst
Riverside County Park South (Passaic River)                                                                                   Lyndhurst/North Arlington  
North Arlington Parks (Passaic River)                                                                                              North Arlington
Harrier Meadow (Hackensack River)                                                                                               North Arlington

Passaic County

Laurelwood Arboretum                                                                                                                                   Wayne
Riverside Park (Pompton River)                                                                                                                       Wayne
Wayne Area Park (Pompton River)                                                                                                                  Wayne
Wildlife Refuge near Wayne Area Park                                                                                                             Wayne
Tall Oaks Park                                                                                                                                                 Wayne
Pequannock River Park (Pompton River)                                                                                                          Wayne
North Cove Park                                                                                                                                             Wayne
Little Falls (a Morris Canal site) (Passaic R.) (gazebo, signpower co. 2, dam 2basalt cliffs 2, 3, spring beauties, the gang)   Little Falls
Goffle Brook Park (into Passaic River)                                                                                                              Hawthorne
Morris Canal Park and Preserve                                                                                                                        Clifton
Dundee Island Wildlife Area                                                                                                                              Clifton
Pulaski Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                                               Passaic City

Hudson County

River Bank Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                Kearny
Saw Mill Mud Flats (Saw Mill Creek)
Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area (Hackensack River)                                                 Kearny
Kearny Marsh (Hackensack River)                                                                                             Kearny
West Hudson County Park                                                                                                         Kearny
Bellman's Creek                                                                                                                         North Bergen
James J. Braddock - North Hudson Park                                                                                    North Bergen
Mill Creek Marsh                                                                                                                       Secaucus
Mill Creek Marsh                                                                                                                       Secaucus
Eastern Brackish Marsh                                                                                                              Secaucus
Cromakill Creek                                                                                                                         Secaucus
Mill Creek Point Park                                                                                                                  Secaucus
Schmidt's Woods Park                                                                                                                Secaucus
Anderson Creek Marsh                                                                                                               Secaucus
Snake Hill (Laurel Hill) (Hackensack River)                                                                                 Secaucus
Penhorn Creek                                                                                                                            Secaucus
Riverbend Wetland Preserve                                                                                                        Secaucus
Hamilton Park (Hudson River)                                                                                                      Weehawken
Sinatra Park                                                                                                                                 Hoboken
Lincoln Park                                                                                                                                 Jersey City
Liberty State Park (a Morris Canal Park)                                                                                     Jersey City
North 40 Park                                                                                                                             Bayonne
Stephen R. Gregg Bayonne County Park                                                                                      Bayonne
Mayor Dennis Collins Park (Kill Van Kull Park)                                                                            Bayonne

Essex County

Great Piece Meadows (Passaic River)                                                                                         Fairfield
Iris Construction Preserve                                                                                                            Fairfield
West Essex Park (includes Hatfield Swamp) (Foulerton Brook into Passaic River)                                                 West Caldwell/Roseland/Livingston
West Essex Trail    LL
Essex County Park Commission (Foulerton Brook)                                                                      Rosedale
East Hills Park                                                                                                                              Livingston
Verona Park (Peckman River)   LL                                                                                              Verona
Alonzo F. Bonsal Wildlife Preserve (waters flow into Third River)                                                 Montclair
Mountainside Park  LL                                                                                                                  
Brookdale Park  Bloomfield/Montclair   LL                                                                                  Bloomfield/Montclair
Yantacaw Brook Park   LL                                                                                                          Montclair
Watsessing Park  (Second River)                                                                                                  Bloomfield/East Orange
Kingsland Manor Park (Third River)                                                                                             Nutley
Memorial Park (Third River)                                                                                                         Nutley
Yantacaw Park (Third River)                                                                                                         Nutley 
Booth Park (Third River)                                                                                                               Nutley
Belleville Park  (Second River)  LL                                                                                                Belleville
Branch Brook Park (Second River)   LL                                                                                        Newark
Washington Park    LL                                                                                                                   Newark
Military Park   LL                                                                                                                          Newark
Newark Meadows (covered now by Newark Airport and Elizabeth Seaport)                                  Newark
Weequahic Park                                                                                                                             Newark

Union County

Tatlock Park                                                                 Summit  
Passaic River Park                                                        Summit, Berkeley Heights, New Providence  (Passaic River)
Wilson Park                                                                  Summit
Lions Municipal Park                                                     New Providence  
Passaic River County Park (Passaic River)                     Berkeley Heights/New Providence
Briant Park                                                                    SummitSpringfield
Hidden Valley Park                                                       Summit/Springfield (see Watchung Mountains below) 
Rahway River                                                                Summit/Union 
Lenape Park (Rahway River)                                         Union, Westfield, Cranford, Kenilworth and Springfield
Watchung Reservation                                                   (see Watchung Mountains below) 
Echo Lake Park (Rahway River)                                   Westfield/Mountainside
Brightwood Park                                                           Westfield
Tamaques Reservation                                                   Westfield
Brookside Park                                                             Scotch Plains/Westfield  
Kramer Manor Park                                                      Scotch Plains 
Crestwood Wildlife Sanctuary                                        Scotch Plains  
Ash Brook Reservation (Rahway River)                         Scotch Plains, Clark, Edison
Forest Road Park                                                          Fanwood 
La Grande Park                                                             Fanwood 
Green Brook Park (Green Brook)                                  Plainfield/North Plainfield
Cedar Brook Park                                                         Plainfield
Larchmont Park                                                             Union  
Edward F. Biertuempfel Park                                         Union  
Kawameeh Park (Elizabeth River)                                  Union
Elizabeth River Park (Elizabeth River)                             Union/Hillside/Elizabeth
Black Brook Park (Rahway River)                                  Kenilworth
Galloping Hill Park and Golf Course (Elizabeth River)      Kenilworth
Nomahegan Park (Rahway River)                                   Cranford
Memorial Park                                                                Cranford
McConnell Park                                                              Cranford
Sperry Park                                                                     Cranford
Unami Park                                                                     Cranford/Westfield/Garwood
Rahway River Park                                                          Rahway/Clark 
Rahway River Parkway (Rahway River)                           Rahway
Madison Avenue Park                                                     Rahway
Milton Lake Park                                                            Rahway/Clarke
Warinanco Park                                                              Roselle/Elizabeth
Mattano Park (Elizabeth River)                                        Elizabeth
Peach Orchard Park                                                        Linden
James Dunn Park                                                             Linden
Woodrow Wilson Park                                                    Linden
Wheeler Park                                                                   Linden

Morris County

Eastern edge:
Morris Canal at Lincoln Park                                                                                                  Borough of Lincoln Park
Great Piece Meadows  (Passaic River)                                                                                    Borough of Lincoln Park
Aqueduct Park                                                                                                                       Borough of Lincoln Park           
Troy Meadows  (Troy Brook into Whippany River into Passaic River)   PP (proposed)           Parsippany-Troy Hills Township
Old Troy Park  (West Brk into Troy Brk into Whippany R. into Passaic R.) PP (proposed)     Parsippany-Troy Hills Township
Troy Meadows Natural Area                                                                                                  Parsippany-Troy Hills Township
Greystone Park                                                                                                                       Parsippany-Troy Hills Township
Zuck Arboretum (Drew University)                                                                                          Madison Boro
Bee Meadows Park  PP (Whippany River)                                                                              Hanover
Joseph G. Lurker Park   PP                                                                                                     East Hanover
Maureen Ogden Reserve                                                                                                         East Hanover
Loantaka Brook Reservation (Great Brook into Passaic River)                                                Chatham Township
Stanley Park  (Passaic River)                                                                                                   Chatham Township 
Passaic River County Park (Morris County) (Passaic River)                                                     Chatham Township
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (Great and Black Brooks into Passaic River)                Harding/Chatham/Long Hill/Passaic Twps
Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center                                                                                 Chatham Township
Primrose Brook Preserve                                                                                                         Harding Township
Torrey/Turtle Rock Park (Pictures of John Torrey Grave: (pic1) (pic2) (pic3))/Turtle Rock Park: (pic1) (pic2)/William Torrey House (pic1) Long Hill Twp
Hicks Tract                                                                                                                             Long Hill Twp
Passaic River Trail                                                                                                                   Long Hill Twp

Somerset County

Helen Woodman Natural Area                                                                                Far Hills Borough
Fairview Farm                                                                                                         Bedminster Township
Miller Lane Recreation Center                                                                                 Bedminster Township
River Road Park                                                                                                      Bedminster Township
Harry Dunham Park                                                                                                 Bernards Township
Rolfes Tract                                                                                                             Bernards Township
Lord Stirling Park Environmental Education Center (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4)               Bernards Township
Park next to USVA Hospital                                                                                    Piscataway Township
North Branch Park                                                                                                   Bridgewater Township
Duke Island Park (Raritan River)                                                                              Bridgewater Township
Duke Gardens                                                                                                          Somerville Borough
Peter's Brook Park                                                                                                   Somerville Borough
Duke Farms                                                                                                             Hillsborough
Green Brook Park                                                                                                    North Plainfield
Quail Brook Park                                                                                                     Franklin Township
Hutcheson Memorial Forest                                                                                      Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: General Overview
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Raritan River                                                 Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Colonial Park                                                Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: East Millstone                                                Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Blackwell's Mills Day Use Area                     Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Six Mile Run Reservoir Site                           Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Griggstown (pic1)                                           Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park: Lock Number 10                                           Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal: Rocky Hill                                                                      Franklin Township
Rockingham, Washington's Headquarters                                                                  Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal: James F. Flemer Preserve                                               Franklin Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal: Kingston Lock                                                                Franklin Township
Montgomery Park                                                                                                     Montgomery Township
Mill Pond Park                                                                                                         Montgomery Township
Swan Tract: Opossum Road Woods                                                                         Montgomery Township
Montgomery Preserved Open Space                                                                         Montgomery Township
Cherry Hill Road Trails                                                                                              Montgomery Township
Hobler Park                                                                                                              Montgomery Township

Middlesex County

Mountain View Park (Raritan River)                                                                           Middlesex Boro
Veterans Park (Raritan River)                                                                                     Piscataway Township
Ambrose-Dotty County Park (Raritan River)                                                              Piscataway Township
Lake Nelson Park (Raritan River)                                                                               Piscataway Township
Walter C. Meuly Woods                                                                                            Piscataway Township
Johnson Park on Raritan River (Raritan River)                                                             Highland Park Boro
Rutgers Ecological Preserve (Kilmer Woods)                                                              Highland Park Boro
Native Plant Reserve (Raritan River)                                                                           Highland Park Boro
Valley Place Ravine (Raritan River)                                                                             Highland Park Boro
Ayres Beach (Raritan River)                                                                                       Highland Park Boro
Donaldson Park (Raritan River)                                                                                  Highland Park Boro
The Meadows (Raritan River)                                                                                     Highland Park Boro
Triple C Ranch and the Dismal Swamp                                                                        Edison Township
Edison Township (Raritan River)                                                                                  Edison Township
Roosevelt County Park                                                                                                Edison Township
Thomas Edison County Park                                                                                        Edison Township
Middlesex Greenway                                                                                                   Metuchen Boro
Helyar Woods                                                                                                             New Brunswick city
Rutgers Display Gardens                                                                                              New Brunswick city
Buccleuch Park (Raritan River) (Delaware & Raritan Canal)                                         New Brunswick city
Elmer B. Boyd Memorial Park (D&R Canal)                                                                New Brunswick city
Hidden Lake Open Space Conservation Area                                                               New Brunswick Township
Brunswick Acres Park                                                                                                  North Brunswick Township
Kingston Greenways                                                                                                     South Brunswick Township
Heathcoate Park                                                                                                           South Brunswick Township
Kingston Park                                                                                                              South Brunswick Township
Delaware & Raritan Canal: Millstone Aqueduct                                                             Plainsboro Township
Cook Natural Area                                                                                                      South Brunswick Township
South Brunswick Freedom Trail                                                                                    rail-trail (leading to Monmouth Junction)

5B Watchungs

Passaic County, NJ

High Mountain Park Preserve (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)                                                                                   Wayne
Barbour's Pond                                                                                                                                   Wayne
Morris Canal Park & Nature Preserve
Great Falls Park (Passaic River)  (falls)                                                                                                Paterson
Garret Mountain Reservation  (into Passaic River)                                                                                Paterson
Rifle Camp Park                                                                                                                                 West Paterson
Lance Corporal Ralph Valt Memorial Park                                                                                          Wayne
Preakness Valley Park (Naaktpunkt Brook into Passaic River)                                                            Wayne
Westside Park (Passaic River)
Pennington Park (Passaic River)                                                                                                          West Paterson

Essex County

Mills Reservation    LL                                                                                                                        Cedar Grove
Eagle Rock Reservation (Peckman River)  LL                                                                                      West Orange
South Mountain Reservation (West Branch of Rahway River)    LL                                                                              West Orange, South Orange, Millburn

Union County

Hidden Valley Park                                                                                                                              Summit/Springfield
Watchung Reservation (Green Brook)                                                                                                                  Summit, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights

Somerset County

Leonard J. Buck Garden                                                                                                                           Far Hills
Moggy Hollow                                                                                                                                          Far Hills
Middle Brook Trail                                                                                                                                   Bridgewater Township
Chimney Rock                                                                                                                                          Martinsville
Washington Valley Park                                                                                                                            Martinsville
Somerset Park at Martinsville                                                                                                                    Martinsville
Washington Rock State Park                                                                                                                    Green Brook Township
Watchung Mountain Park

Hunterdon Co., NJ

Hollow Brook Preserve                                                                                                                           Tewksbury Township
Dinner Pot Natural Area                                                                                                                          Tewksbury Township
Fox Hill Preserve                                                                                                                                     Tewksbury Township
Cold Brook Reserve                                                                                                                                Tewksbury Township
Cushetunk Mountain                                                                                                                                Clinton Township, Readington townships, Lebanon
Laport Reserve                                                                                                                                        East Amwell Township
Wescott Nature Preserve                                                                                                                         Delaware Township
Alexauken Creek Wildlife Management Area                                                                                            West Amwell Township

5C Palisades

Bergen County

Point Look Out LP
State Line Lookout LP (giant steps)
Closter Nature Center                                                                                                                                Closter
Demarest Nature Center
Alpine Lookout & Boat Basin LP   (Cornwallis HQs pic) (boat basin)
Forest View LP (women's federation monument) (people) (white birch)
Green Brook Sanctuary LP
Lost Brook Preserve (Tenafly Nature Center)                                                                                              Tenafly
Flat Rock Brook Sanctuary
Clinton Point LP
Rockefeller Lookout LP
High Tom promontory LP
Allison Park Allison Point, St. Peters LP
Linwood Park
Fort Lee Historical Park LP                                                                                                                         Fort Lee

5D Sourlands

Somerset County
Sourland Mountain Preserve (map) (Karl Anderson1,2, lunch w/ John Torrey n red, pipe line cut1,2)
Otto's Farm Park                                                                                                                                            Hillsborough Township
D&R Somer Park Preserve

Hunterdon County
Highfields (Charles Lindbergh Estate)                                                                                                               East Amwell Township
Bromley Preserve                                                                                                                                            East Amwell Township
Delaware & Raritan Greenway: Gibbons Preserve
Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve                                                                                                                 East Amwell Township
Northern Stony Brook Preserve (McBurney Woods)                                                                                       East Amwell Township
Amwell Lake Wildlife Management Area                                                                                                          East Amwell Township
Goat Hill Natural Heritage Area                                                                                                                       West Amwell Township
Moore's Creek                                                                                                                                                West Amwell Township
United Water Property                                                                                                                                    Lamington/West Amwell Township
Northern Stony Brook Greenway border of Hunterdon/Mercer Counties

Mercer County
Baldpate Mountain County Park (a.k.a. Kuser Mountain)                                                                                  Hopewell Township
Belle Mountain Recreation Area

LL = Lenni Lenape Trail
LP = Long Path
PP = Patriots Path