Lyndhurst/Kearny, Bergen/Hudson Counties, New Jersey
727 acres

This park is located along the Hackensack River in the towns of Lyndhurst and Kearny in the counties of Bergen and Hudson, respectively.  


It is six miles west of  New York City.  However, direct access to the area does not exist at this time.  Private boat launches are found upriver, such as Sky Harbor Marina (end of Paterson Plank Road, Carlstadt) and Tony's Old Mill (Secaucus at the end of Old Mill Ridge Road).  


The area is comprised entirely of  tidal marsh.  These connecting creeks provide excellent crabbing during the summer.

The Meadows Path will comprise a 22 mile trail following the western bank of the Hackensack River from Losen Slote Creek Park to Kearny Marsh and then east to Saw Mill Creek W.M.A.

From the headquarters of the NJMC (featuring the Hackensack Meadowlands Environment Center and Dekorte Park) you can access the western section of the Sawmill Creek Wildlife Management Area via the Meadows Path.