Phelps Woods
Teaneck, Bergen County, NJ

"When I moved to Teaneck, Queen Anne Road ended about where Copley Ave is. My wife, two children and I used to walk up and sit on the culvert. Everything north of there was Phelps Woods. There was a building on the hill on Palisade Avenue, south of Cedar Lane, where they purchased horses for the Cavalry in World War I."

Oral History of Teaneck; Lacey Walker (Interview taped 3/1/1976);

"What was then Phelps Woods now has a thousand houses. We loved Phelps Woods. I was in Miss Emily McGill's Campfire Girls. She taught us about WoHeLo -- Work, Health, Love. She took us to the woods and we cooked fudge forever and it was never quite done. Beautiful woods -- pine trees across from where the main building of Fairleigh Dickinson is now.

"We belonged to the Smith Community Church. Every year the congregation met in Phelps Woods for an outing. It was so cool coming in from the summer heat. The soft pine needles under foot. There were horse back riders there."

Mrs. Miriam Johnson Freitag (Interview taped 7/9/1975)