Mill Creek Point Park
Mill Ridge Road, Secaucus, Hudson County, New Jersey

Just down the road from Schmidt's Woods Park

The park is managed by the Town of Secaucus.

The park was developed by the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission. 


Just north of the Ball Field Complex of the Town of Secaucus. 

There are nice views of Mill Creek with the Williams oil/gas tanks to the left and the back slope of the Palisades with the New York City skyline (with a prominent Empire State Building) in the background. 

12/15/2004.  This is a small park.  You can drive right into the park and up to a traffic circle with viewing points along the sidewalk around much of this circle.  They have set up some very nice birding guides along the semi-circular fence.  They also have black silhouettes of many of the birds hung on the bars of the fence to aid further in bird identification.  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney. 

The Birds Identified at the Park:

common merganser
hooded merganser
red-breasted merganser
green-winged teal
blue-winged teal
wood duck
mallard duck
northern pintail
ring-necked duck
American black duck
ruddy duck
northern shoveler
common goldeneye
ring-necked pheasant
short-eared owl
great horned owl
northern harrier
American kestrel
red-tailed hawk
Cooper's hawk
peregrine falcon
doubled crested cormorant
black cormorant
great egret
snowy egret
great blue heron
Canada goose
American bittern