Martin Woods
Hunterdon County, New Jersey
20 acres
separated from the Kugler Woods by a fifty-foot road right of way


The Martin family approached the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance (HLTA) before the trust had received any matching grant funding from Green Acres. HLTA's successful relationship with the State Green Acres Program enabled the protection of this property with 100% state funding. This transaction was similar to the Kugler Woods transaction in that Green Acres bought the easement, which HLTA negotiated. Proceeds from the easement sale were used to assist a family member in acquiring the property. As such, this transaction enabled the family to stay nearby and allowed a younger generation of long-time Hunterdon residents to continue on the property.

2001 (November)  --  the protection of the Martin Woods completed.




This property, when it has been posted, will allow public access leading from the Kugler Woods northward along the western edge of the tract.


The mostly wooded site is a magnificent timber stand of Virginia Pine, Eastern Cedar, and mixed hardwoods.