Lenni Lenape Trail:  (East Branch of the Trail)

(Roughly from New Jersey Walk Book)


From North (top) to South (bottom):

        Yantacaw Brook Park
        Brookdale Park (Bloomfield)
        over Garden State Parkway
        Belleville Park
        Branch Brook Park 3 miles
        Ballantine House and Newark Museum
        cross Washington Park
        Military Park (near the Wars of America Monument)

Start from bottom (south) to top (north):

         Warfield Place, Laurel Place, Highland Avenue, Upper Mountain Avenue
12.3   leaves the ridges and descends into Mountainside Park (Montclair)       
          ridge of the First Watchung
11.0  Mills Reservation
         Normal Avenue
10.3  Cedar Grove Reservoir north end
        Ridge Road
9.3  leaves the West Essex Trail
8.8  a branch trail leads left to Community Park and Morgan Farm
       cross Peckman River
8.6  bridge over Pompton Avenue (NJ 23)    
      next 2.3 miles follow West Essex Trail      
7.0  Arnold Way (reaches the rail-trail West Essex Trail)
       Bloomfield Avenue, Gould St., Personette Ave., Grove Avenue, Linden Ave., Fairview Ave.
6.2. Verona Park north
5.5  Verona Park south
       Gordon Place, Glen Road, Sunset Avenue, over Mt. Prospect Avenue, Park Avenue, Manor Road
       Afterglow Avenue
4.5  Eagle Rock Reservation north
3.0   parking area, Eagle Rock Reservation      
       Eagle Rock Reservation south
2.4  crosses intersection of Eagle Rock Avenue and Prospect Avenue  
       Eagle Rock Avenue
       Robertson Avenue
      Hartshorn Terrace
       follows FitzRandolph Avenue
       crosses Conforti Avenue
       Carteret Street
       Lake Vincent Park
       Hooper Avenue
0.9  Jughandle at intersection of I-280 and Pleasant Valley Way following Pleasant Valley Road
       at power line:  Western Branch:  to West Essex Park and Patriot Path to Morris County & Joseph G. Lurker Park
       O'Connor Memorial Park
        crest of Second Watchung Mountain at Ellison Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Avenue in West Orange; head north on Ellison Avenue
        North section of South Mountain Reservation: Mayapple Parking Area
 5.2  The Crag (a stone overlook)
       crest of the Second Watchung Mountain
4.0  cross Cherry Lane at intersection of South Orange Avenue and Cherry Lane
       footbridge overt Rahway River
3.6 paved park road and Tulip Springs parking area
3.4  bridge over South Orange Avenue
3.0  Hemlock Falls)
2.7  Ball's Bluff)
       Mines Point
1.9 Beech Brook Cascades
1.3  Maple Falls Cascade
       Washington  Rock
       plaque commemorating a Revolutionary War battle
       Crest Drive
       First Watchung Mountains
       South Mountain Reservation south: Locust Grove Parking Area
       Glen Avenue and Lackawanna Place (opposite Millburn railroad station)


Lenni Lenape Trail (west branch):

       O'Connor Park 
       undeveloped Becker Tract
       undeveloped West Essex Park  along the Passaic River   
       from Eisenhower Parkway and Eagle Rock Avenue (at northwest corner)
       west along Eagle Rock Avenue, along power line to Foulerton's Brook, to Charm Acres    
      crosses Eagle Rock Avenue again to the Center for Environmental Studies (connectsa with Patriots' Path).