Kugler Woods
Hunterdon County, NJ


pre-revolutionary times  -- a well-managed forest.

18th century  --  owned by a man named Kugler.  The woods provided timber for the famous Rodham Boat Works at the edge of the property. Here the Durham boats were built to haul lime from Easton, upriver. The lime was used for agriculture and the building trades.

Revolution  -- the Durham boats were used by General George Washington for the surprise Christmas crossing downstream in Trenton.

The State Green Acres Program had indicated an interest but was unable to devote the requisite time and resources for the negotiation. Kingwood HLTA trustees brought the project to completion over several years, through negotiations and the resolution of complicated family issues, ultimately providing for one small future building lot for a family member.
2001 (November)  --  HLTA announced the preservation of the woods.


Almost entirely wooded with mature specimen hardwoods.  The wooded hills have many sugar maples and the present owner has run a successful gravity-assisted maple syrup operation.
It is a likely habitat for the long-tailed salamander as well as turkeys, hawks, owls, and coyotes.


Near the vernal ponds are found several rare plants and animals: Wild Comfrey, Missouri Gooseberry, and the Hairy Lip Fern (Chelantes Lanosa).


No hiking during hunting season.