Kingston Greenways
Kingston, South Brunswick, NJ


1998 (March)  --  Kingston Greenways Association formed at the recommendation of the Joint Mayors Task Force for Kingston, which called for a new local open space advocacy group.

The major project of the group is to protect the ring of undeveloped land which, together with the D&R Canal State Park, surrounds the village of Kingston, by converting it into a Green Belt of permanently preserved land.


There will be paths and natural land connectors from the Green Belt to neighborhoods such as the Raymond Road area, Princeton Walk and the central village. These greenways would include Heathcote Park, the abandoned Rocky Hill Branch Railroad, and a number of parcels of land in both South Brunswick Township and Franklin Township, including new parcels being purchased with open space preservation moneys.

In the district south of Raymond Road, the Township open space consists of two parcels off Raymond Road at:

1) Cleveland Lane (Block 97/Lot 23), which is a wooded stream corridor on Carters Brook; this tract should remain in its natural state with additional acquisitions along the brook.

2) Dana Court (B. 97.04/28), which is a grassed detention basin, could have a gravel pedestrian trail around the basin with a sitting area and landscaping at the cul-de-sac.

The Township and State have acquired much of the Conrail line, except for portions west of Ridge Road. The proposed acquisition of the abandoned Conrail line for a pedestrian/bike path will connect Heathcote Park to State park lands and serve as a catalyst for conservation of lands along Heathcote Brook.

New additions:

"Heathcote Park Extension" (also called "County Park"), an 85+-acre tract between Carter Brook and Heathcote Park. This is in accord with the plan for "the preservation of stream corridors" as well as "the creation of a green belt".