Goat Hill Natural Heritage Area
West Amwell, Hunterdon County, NJ

Located in the upper southwest corner of the Sourlands.  Searched the area around Goat Hill Road and Route 29, but could not find an entrance.  It is probably off-limits to regular visitors.  Asked one of the local residents and he did not even know of any such area. 

The Goat Hill area is considered a priority site by the NJDEP natural heritage program.. The area provides critical habitat for several threatened and endangered species.

Goat Hill has steep slopes on its western edge. Many consider this the western terminus of the Sourlands. The D&R Canal Park is below the western part of Goat Hill.

Source: http://www.sourland.org/virtual/virtual.html


(John) Emmanuel Coriell in 1737 purchased from the heirs of Neill Grant a large tract that included Goat Hill.

During the Revolutionary War, Abraham Coryell (who operated the Coryell Ferry) led George Washington up Goat Hill to what is now known as Washington’s Rock. From this vantage point, on the eve of the Battle of Trenton, Washington assured himself that his soldiers’ boats were well hidden behind Malta Island (just south of New Hope).

The Belgium blocks used in Philadelphia and New York street pavements came mostly from mining operations at Goat Hill.

Walkers could get good overviews of Lambertville from Goat Hill. 

(Information from: Edward Cohen, 1999, Lambertville’s Legacy: The Coryells, Ashbel Welch and Fred Lewis. Lambertville, NJ: Edward Cohen.)