Fairview Farm
Bedminster, Somerset County, NJ

The Upper Raritan Watershed Association (URWA) owns and operates 10 properties within the region representing over 370 acres of environmentally sensitive land and critical wildlife habitat. The largest parcel and home to the Association is Fairview Farm in Bedminster.


1979  --  The Association acquired stewardship of Fairview Farm when Roberta Zuhlke donated the property to the Association.


a bird and butterfly garden, pond, fields


The 170-acre farm is operated as a wildlife preserve, open to the public for passive recreation. For children, it is the site for a two-week camp in the summer, school field trips, and community service opportunities. The property is open from dawn to dusk.


There are 5 miles of trails.

(Source: http://www.urwa.org/land/land.html)