Essex County Park Commission
Eagle Rock Avenue, Rosedale, Essex County, NJ


New Jersey Turnpike south to get off at Exit 15W; head east on highway US 280 west; get off at Exit 5; turn right onto Livingston Avenue; turn left  onto Eagle Rock Road; soon after passing (under/over?) US 280 heading southwest the lands of the Commission are on the left. 


Foulerton Brook heads northwest through the lands associated with the Essex County Park Commission and then through the northernmost section of West Essex Park.


11/11/04.  I parked at Joseph G. Lurker Park in Morris County.  I picked up the white-blazed Patriots Path east, headed over River Road, then over the bridge spanning the Passaic River, and then over the rail and into West Essex Park, Essex County Park Commission land.  Here it was hard going as the trail was overgrown primarily with wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) and secondarily multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora).  In a short walk I reached the parking area of the Essex County Park Co