Dundee Island Park

Passaic County, New Jersey


between 1679 and 1684-85  --  deeds and patents were acquired between the original settlers and the Native Americans, the Lenni-Lenapi, that secured for the original settlers the land including and surrounding modern day Passaic.

1768 (April 4)  --  a Dutch settler and trader, Hartman MICHIELSEN (later VREELAND), purchased a "great island in the river of Pasaick near by Aquickanucke by the Indians called Menehenicke (translation of the Dutch from the original deed)."

The island came to be known as Dundee Island and today that area is known as Pulaski Park and Dundee Island Park.

The park was formerly an Army barracks off Wall Street.

The area was contaminated with lead.

The city even set aside baseball fields at neighboring Pulaski Park for soccer.


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