Cedar Creek Marsh

East Rutherford, Hudson County, New Jersey

5.3 acres

Located on the edge of the Continental Arena parking lot.


The marsh is a five-acre island of mud and tall reeds contaminated by heavy metals and hidden behind chain-link fencing. It is a remnant of what was once called the Cedar Creek Marsh.

The creek that feeds it is splintered into segments by intersecting roads.


1978 Continental Arena was built.  They chose to build around the marsh rather than fight to eradicate it. 

2003 the Mills Corp. backed off mall plans for 600 acres of wetlands known as the Empire Tract. As part of its substitute plan to build super-mall Xanadu, the Mills Corp. agreed to donate the tract to preservationists.

The proposed $1.3 billion, 4.7 million-square-foot retail and entertainment complex known as Xanadu is to be built by the Mills Corp. and Mack-Cali. The developers do not want to continue saving Cedar Creek Marsh.

Some environmentalists are still fighting the Xanadu Mall project.

(Source: Colleen Diskin, 4/24/2004; Fighting Over Mud and Reeds, Bergen Record http://www.sierraactivist.org/article.php?sid=44388)