Wayne Township, Passaic County, NJ


Take US 80 west to exit 55B, for Union Boulevard north, Totowa. Within a short drive turn left on Crews Road. At the stop sign, go straight which connect the driver to Totowa Road. You will pass the entrance for the Dey Mansion is on the right. Turn right at the light after passing the Dey Mansion in Preakness Valley Park. Then take the next right for Valley Road. Pass through the intersection with the Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike. Take the first left turn (Barbour Pond Drive) and go .3 of a mile to the end of the road for the entrance of the park.

This pond is surrounded by urbanity; huge business buildings and residential houses and then the ball and soccer fields. And then there is the firearms facility with many signs saying authorized personnel only. The area gives an indication of what's wrong with the attitude of a lot of urban city planners and village planners. The atmosphere is one that gives off the attitude of "hell, if we did not have this damn pond in the middle of our park area, we could smooth everything out and put in a couple more ball fields."

There is no easy access to the pond at all. The one access point that looked like a way down to the pond is taken up by an area for the flying of model airplanes with signs saying members only. And this area is very close to the edge of the pond. It's almost as if the planners would never expect that anyone would ever want to walk around the pond or investigate the natural area. Too many of our citizens are virtually contemptuous of our natural world. No wonder we are experiencing a warming of the planet.


Lawns, pond, marsh, swampy area.

Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

Acer rubrum (red maple) 4/1/00
Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven)
Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch)
Betula lenta (black birch)
Carpinus caroliniana (musclewood)
Juniperus virginiana (red cedar)
Liquidambar styraciflua (sweetgum)
Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree)
Quercus alba (white oak)
Quercus rubra (red oak)
Salix spp. (willow) 4/1/00

Alnus sp. (alder )
Chimaphila maculata (spotted wintergreen)
Euonymus alatus (winged euonymus)
Forsythia sp. (golden bells) 4/1/00
Lindera benzoin (spicebush) 4/1/00
Lonicera sp. (honeysuckle shrub)
Rosa multiflora (multiflora rose)
Rubus occidentalis (black raspberry)
Rubus sp. (blackberry)

Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle)
Smilax sp. (greenbrier)
Vitis sp. (grape)

Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard)
Artemisia vulgaris (common mullein)
Barbarea sp. (wintercress)
Cardamine hirsuta (hairy bittercress) 4/1/00
Cirsium sp. (thistle)
Convallaria majalis (lily of the valley)?
Erythronium americanum (trout lily) 4/1/00
Lespedeza capitata (round-headed bush clover)
Potentilla simplex (common cinquefoil)
Stellaria media (common chickweed) 4/1/00
Symplocarpus foetidus (skunk cabbage) -- lots of it on the flood plain
Typhus latifolia (cattail)
Veronica arvensis (corn speedwell) 4/1/00

Rushes and Sedges:
Carex stricta (tussock sedge)

Phragmites australis (giant reed grass)

Fern Allies:
Lycopodium obscurum (ground pine)