History of Sandyston Township

Sussex County, New Jersey

Villages in the township:


Laytons (Centerville)


Peter's Valley (The Corners)

Tuttle's Corner


It is bordered on the north by Montague, on the south by Wallpack, to the east by Frankford and the west by the Delaware River.

The Little and Big Flat Brook run through the township. The two brooks meet about a mile southeast of Peter's Valley and then join the Delaware River.

c. 1750  --  Bevans (a.k.a.Corners and Hensfoot Corners and now Peters Valley) first settled. 

1762 Sandyston Township established by Royal Patent from Wallpack.

c. 1800  -- north of Walpack Center, the village of Layton was settled by John Layton.  The place was known as Centerville.  The Little Flat Brook runs through the village center.

1844-1864 and 1871-1879  --  the U.S. Post Office had a station in a farmhouse situated at Tuttle's Corner in Sandyston Township along present-day Route 206.

by 1860  --  Peters Valley had a Dutch Reformed church, a wheelwright shop, a coopers shop, two stores, a hotel, a blacksmith shop and 10 houses. 

beginning of the 20th century  --  Dr. Morgan Daniel Hughes owned a high-style Victorian home and barn.   

1910 postcard  --  the postcard shows the Layton Hotel and the iron Pratt half-hip truss bridge in the village of Sandyston.  (The hotel still stands.)

by 1915  --  the hotel in Peters Valley has a large two-story addition attached to the rear of the building.

(Source: 2003. Wayne T. McCabe. Images of America: Sussex County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Press.)