Kittatinny Mountains, Sussex County, NJ


TZ bridge
26 Exit for 287 south 67 mile marker
32 exit 59 Route 208
exit 58 Route 202
exit 57 Skylands
exit 55 Route 511
exit 53 Route 694
41 Ruppert's Restaurant
41 Butler
43 Kinnelon
44 West Milford
45 Macopin
47 Echo Lake Road -- Pequannock
48 DQ
48.5 Waywayand sign
53 Hudson Valley Restaurant
54 one lane highway
57 Ogdenburg
58 517 to Sparta
59 631 to Newton
McD BK -- Hamburg
Route 94
Walkill River
Shopping Center
67 Route 647


It's a fairly good geological walk, but not that impressive really. You park on the right on a one way street. Pick up the trail on the left and go downhill to the bottom of the talus slope. Go right on a red trail painted on cut-out tin circles. It takes you to several small kettle holes that in the spring are filled with water. It is a rocky walk and tough to get back up.

There are several nice views of the surrounding area.

Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

Acer rubrum (red maple) 4/29/97
Amelanchier arborea (shadbush) 4/29/97
Betula nigra (river birch)
Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch)
Fagus grandifolia (American beech)
Pinus strobus (white pine)
Quercus prinus (chestnut oak)

Kalmia angustifolia (lambkill)
Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel)
Mitchella repens (partridgeberry)
Vaccinium pallidum (hillside blueberry)

Maianthemum canadense (Canada mayflower)