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Sussex Co., NJ

High Point State Park --                                                   Montague Township  the Cedar Swamp Area (feeds into Neversink River)
High Point Park Office AT                                               Montague Township
Reinhardt Preserve                                                           Montague Township
Lake Rutherford Iris Trail off the AT                                 Montague Township
Arctic Meadows Preserve                                                 Montague Township
Dutch Shoe Rock AT                                                       Montague Township
Mashipacong Bogs Preserve                                             Montague Township
Tinsley Geological Trail                                                     Montague Township
Sunrise Mountain AT                                                        Montague Township
Stony Lake off the AT                                                      Montague Township
Culver Fire Tower AT                                                      Montague Township
Stokes State Forest (office) Stokes State Forest Geology (Little & Big Flat Brooks)     Montague Township/Sandyston Township
Tillman's Ravine (Flat Brook)                                                                                        Sandyston Township
Rattlesnake Mountain AT
Walpack Wildlife Management Area -                                 Walpack Township   including Buttermilk Falls near the AT (pic1)
Crater Lake                                                                        Walpack Township
Blue Mountain Lakes                                                           Walpack Township
Long Pine Pond/Crater Lake/Hemlock Pond AT                 Walpack Township

Montague Nature Preserve
Nocella Nature Preserve

Warren Co., NJ

Catfish Fire Tower -- off Millbrook Road AT
Catfish Pond near the AT
Mohican Outdoor Center
Worthington State Forest                                                                                           Hardwick Township
Worthington State Forest: Raccoon Ridge to near Upper Yards Creek Reservoir  AT
Worthington State Forest: Sunfish Pond in Worthington State Forest AT
Lower Yards Creek Reservoir                                                                                     Blaristown
Mount Tammany (pic1, 2)