Baysholm Conservation Area
Burlington Road, Freehold, Freehold Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey
71 acres
(908) 842-4000


Heading south on the Garden State Parkway, get off at exit 109.  Turn right onto Newman Springs Road.  Before reaching Brookdale Community College and Thompson Park, turn left onto Swimming River Road heading south.   Turn right onto Route 537 (County Road/Colts Neck Road).  Shortly after passing the intersection with Route 18, turn left onto Hunt Road.  Turn right onto Burlington Road. Park on the right side of the road just west of house #431 Burlington Road.


Helen Herrmann and Elizabeth Durand gave their Freehold Farms, the Baysholm Conservation Area and the Durand Tract, to Monmouth County.


cultivated fields, wood edge

Facilities and Activities:

undeveloped; no restroom facilities available.


None.  This is an odd bit of land. A lawn rectangle with planted trees and narrow wood’s edge. The small piece of woods on the north side heads downward to an open fields.


Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

* = blooming on date of visit, March 27, 2004


Acer (negundo)? (box elder maple) ?

Acer rubrum (red maple) *

Castanea americana (American chestnut)

Liquidambar styraciflua (sweetgum) planted

Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine)

Prunus serotina (black cherry)

Prunus sp. (cherry) planted

Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust )



Lindera benzoin (spicebush)

Rhus sp. (sumac)

Rosa multiflora (multiflora rose) lots of it along the edges

Rubus occidentalis (black raspberry)

Rubus sp. (black berry)

Viburnum prunifolium (blackhaw viburnum)



Celastrus orbiculatus (Asiatic bittersweet)

Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle)

Smilax sp. (greenbrier)

Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy)



Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard)

Allium vineale (field garlic)

Artemisia vulgaris (common mugwort)

Barbarea vulgaris (common wintercress)

Cardamine hirsuta (hairy bittercress) *

Geum canadense (white avens)

Plantago lanceolata (English plantain)

Rumex obtusifolius (broad-leaved dock)

Taraxacum officinale (common dandelion) *

Trifolium sp. (clover)