Tempe Wick  Reserve
Tempe Wick Road, Mendham Township, Morris County, NJ
51 acres


terrain is relatively flat


early 20th century  --  The property was formerly part of Franklin Farms, the estate of former New Jersey Governor Franklin Murphy (1846-1920). The property was actively farmed by Governor Murphy and the property owners who succeeded him, and most of the tract preserves the vista of the former farmland.

1996 --  the New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF) entered into a contract with Tatiana Nagro to purchase her 52-acre farm at the headwaters of the Passaic River.

NJCF sold the contract to the Township of Mendham for $15,600, enough to cover the expenses accrued by the organization.

1997  --  the township received a Green Acres grant for $167,000 and a 2% loan for $594,454 payable over 20 years. In addition, area residents Albert and Katherine Merck donated $200,000 to assist in the acquisition. NJCF used this money to purchase U.S. Treasury zero-coupon bonds. These were then transferred to the township to help it repay the Green Acres loan.  In the end, the township will have spent a total of $160,300 to acquire the Nagro property, now called the Tempe Wick Reserve.  http://www.greatswamp.org/Education/streamways/CaseStudies.htm

John Nagro owns a large horse farm on Sand Spring Road that has just been preserved through the farmland preservation program. ???

The area is being considered as a possible site for recreational activities and even possibly for a building to house the result of library consolidation. 

Governor Franklin Murphy

1846  - born in Jersey City, NJ.

1856  -- the family moved to Newark. 

1862  - lied about his age to enlist in the Union Army during the Civil War.

1868  -- married Janet Cowell.

1883 --  elected a member of the Newark Common Council.

1885  -- he worked to modernize and beautify Newark and helped the legislature of Essex County to create the Park Commission that established Branch Brook Park.

1885  -- elected to the New Jersey House Assembly.

1891  -- the Murphy Varnish Company, which made Franklin wealthy, incorporated.

1901  -- elected governor. Franklin Murphy was a progressive governor: cleaned up the polluted Passaic River, cracked down child labor law violations, enforced progressive tenement house codes, and supported public health measures to eradicate tuberculosis.

1904 --  by this time he had helped order the building of 1000 miles of paved roads.

1905  -- out as governor.  

Murphy worked for the Essex Park System as a Parks Commissioner.

1920  --  Franklin Murphy died at the age of 74.

(Source: http://www.virtualnewarknj.com/biogs/political/murphy.htm)


open fields and woods; a marshy wooded area bordering the Passaic River; most of the tract preserves the vista of the former farmland.


Natural area, hiking