Ralston Recreation and Natural Area
Route 24, Ralston, Mendham Township, Morris County, NJ
48.6 acres


Heading south out of Mendham on Route 24, the two parks (Wysong, then Ralston) are located on the left side of the road south of Ironia Road on the right and across from Jane Terrace.


A substantial portion of the surrounding area is in a State and National Registered Historic District.


the Ralston Fire House and the Old Ralston Firehouse (often used as a community center); ball fields; short walking trails.

The Ralston complex includes two recreation sites: Wysong Park has a soccer/baseball area and a playground; Ralston Park, opened in 2001, has a baseball field and soccer/lacrosse fields. The two sites are connected by a short trail.


access to an adjacent section of Patriotsí Path that allows horseback riding, bicycling, and hiking.

The Patriots' Path crosses Route 24 at Jane Terrace.