Glen Alpin

Mount Kemble Avenue, Morris County, New Jersey

9.5 acres

Located about 100 yards from the national historical park, Jockey Hollow, and at the gateway of the Tempe Wick Historic District.


The property is in the headlands of Primrose Brook. Downstream is the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.


Originally the property was owned by Peter Kemble (born 1704), a president of the governor's royal council for the Colonial province of New Jersey.

1789 Peter Kemble died at the age of 85.

A later owner, Henry Hoyt, moved Kemble's house up the street.

1840 22-room, 9,000-square-foot stone house, known as Glen Alpin, built. The house is in the gothic revival style.

The eccentric Princess Farid-es-Sultaneh, a Broadway performer from Pennsylvania who lived in the home alone after divorcing her husband, a Persian prince.

In all, six people have owned the home.

The Harding Land Trust, Harding Township and The Trust for Public Land purchased the property for $1.4 million from a private owner.


The property eventually will be a link in Patriot's Path.


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