Kinnelon, Morris County, NJ

183 acres of dedicated green acres purchased by the town

The Record (November 21, 1997) carried an article on the Farny Highlands Trail Network.

 Voters in Morris County approved a grant to preserve thirty acres purchased from developer Joseph Picone along Kinnelon Road as part of the Farny trail. Hikers using the 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail now can easily extend their walks into the Farny Highlands.   For $220,000, the Morris Land Conservancy bought 30 acres in Kinnelon, known as the Picone Tract, that connect Buck Mountain State Park, Kinnelon's Rock Pear Mountain, and Pyramid Mountain.

The county built a five-mile footpath called the Pyramid Mountain Connector to link Split Rock Reservoir to Pyramid Mountain and connect it to three other local trails.

When all the different hiking trail are completed, you can start from the north east (at Route 23) and hike:
1. South along the Highlands Trail to Mahlon Dickerson Reservation;
2. From the Highland Trail, go east on the Beaver Brook Trail to hook up to the Four Birds Trail;
3a. going north on the Four Birds Trail takes you past Green Pond; you can then go east to Charlottesburg Reservoir; south to Farny State Park and Split Rock Reservoir along the Split Rock Trail; and then hook up with the Four Birds Trail coming around from the south.
3a. going south to Route 80 and then turning northeast to Mt. Hope Lake and then north to hook up with Split Rock Trail.
4. You can go around Split Rock Reservoir and then east to hook up with the Buck Mountain tract, go farther east through the newly acquired 30-acre Picone tract, farther east to Rock Pear Mountain; and then to Pyramid Mountain/Turkey Mountain.
So you can walk all the way from Route 23 to Turkey Mountain.

See the entry for Buck Mountain State Park for a description of the trail east through Rock Pear Mountain within the larger context of the Farny Highlands Trail Network