Route 202, Bergen County, NJ


Tappan Zee Bridge west on US 87 to US 287 south; exit onto Route 17 south; exit soon for Route 202; at stop sign turn left onto Route 202 south;  drive about 2.5 miles and turn right into the parking area (about .5 of a mile south of Ramapo College).


The name Ramapo means "round ponds."

A plague on a rock says:

"Site of A. B. Darling Mansion (built 1864). As owner of Fifth Avenue Hotel he used this as a dairy farm. Bought by George Crocker in 1900, then Emerson McMillin and 1926 the Roman Catholic Diocese of Newark. Now owned by park commission. Hoppers owned the land before Darling. -- Mahwah Historical Society. 1976. B.C. Commission." 

Alfred Burbank Darling (1821-1896) was a native of Burke, Vermont.  At the time of the Civil War he was owner of the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City and the Battle House in Mobile, Alabama. On April 13, 1865, the day before the assassination of President Lincoln, the president wrote out a brief pass to allow Darling to enter the Mobile Area (where the battle for Mobile still continued even after the war's end) to inspect his property.


Take the Silver Trail (silver markers) over the Ramapo River and then past the Scarlet Oak Pond. The path eventually heads northwest to the MacMillan Reservoir. The time I was there five or six snakes, obviously disturbed from their sunning positions, slithered down the dam walls, which startled me.

The Silver Trail goes northwest. It intersects with the Red-Silver Trail (red-silver trail) on the right. Take the Red-Silver Trail to Bear Swamp Lake.

The Shore Trail (blue) travels along the shores of Bear Swamp Lake.

At the north end of Bear Swamp Lake, the Hoeferlin Trail (yellow) takes the hiker to the Halifax Trail. This trail heads southeast in Havemeyer Hollow and then south to Hawk Rock and back to Scarlet Oak Pond and the parking area of Ramapo Lake.

The Mahwah township received a $300,000 Bergen County grant for a 15-acre tract along the Ramapo River in August 2003 to be paid to the developer.  The land is on the east side of the Ramapo River off Halifax Road. This property will complete the green belt from the county-owned Ramapo Reservation to the south to the Marty Patrick property in the north.
(Source: Brian Aberback, September 11, 2003; http://www.gsenet.org/library/11gsn/2003/gs030912.php)

A new trail added: the Schuber Trail, 6 miles; moderate pace and terrain.  (Source: The Highlands Coalition’s quarterly newsletter "High Grounds" Spring 2003 published by the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC); http://www.highlandscoalition.org/highground.htm)

6/02/2005.   See Bear Swamp Lake in Bergen County for the details of the trip. 

Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

dates ==  plants in bloom on dates of field trips

Acer palmatum (Japanese maple)
Acer platanoides (Norway maple)
Acer rubrum (red maple)
Acer saccharinum (silver maple)
Acer saccharum (sugar maple)
Ailanthus altissima (tree-of-heaven)
Amelanchier sp. (shadbush)
Aralia spinosa (Hercules club)
Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch)
Betula lenta (black birch)
Betula nigra (river birch)
Carpinus caroliniana (musclewood)
Carya cordiformis (pignut hickory)
Carya glabra (pignut hickory)
Carya tomentosa (mockernut hickory)
Castanea dentata (American chestnut)
Cornus florida (flowering dogwood)
Fagus grandifolia (American beech)
Fraxinus americana (white ash)
Gleditsia triacanthos (honey locust)
Juniperus virginiana (red cedar)
Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree)
Morus alba (white mulberry)
Nyssa sylvatica (tupelo)
Paulownia tomentosa (empress tree)
Picea abies (Norway spruce)
Pinus rigida (pitch pine)
Pinus strobus (white pine)
Pinus virginiana (Virginia pine)? 2 needled
Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore)
Populus deltoides (cottonwood)
Prunus serotina (black cherry)
Pyrus malus (apple tree)
Quercus alba (white oak)
Quercus palustris (pin oak)
Quercus prinus (chestnut oak)
Quercus rubra (red oak)
Quercus velutina (black oak)
Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust)  6/02/05
Salix nigra (black willow)
Salix sp. (willow)
Sassafras albidum (sassafras)
Tilia americana (American basswood)
Ulmus americana (American elm)
Ulmus pumila (Siberian elm)

Alnus serrulata (smooth alder)
Berberis thunbergii (Japanese barberry)
Cephalanthus occidentalis (buttonbush)
Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush)
Cornus amomum (swamp dogwood)
Decodon verticillatus (swamp loosestrife)
Elaeagnus umbellata (autumn olive)  6/02/05waning
Euonymus alatus (winged euonymus)   6/02/05
Gaylussacia baccata (black huckleberry)
Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel)
Ilex verticillata (winterberry holly)
Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel)
Ligustrum sp. (privet)
Lindera benzoin (spicebush)
Lonicera morrowii (Morrow's honeysuckle)
Philadelphus sp. (mock orange)
Rhododendron periclymenoides (pinxter flower)
Rhus copallina (winged sumac)
Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac)
Ribes sativum (garden red currant) 
Rosa multiflora (multiflora rose) 6/13/95
Rubus occidentalis (black raspberry)
Rubus phoenicolasius (wineberry)
Rubus sp. (blackberry)
Salix discolor (pussy willow)
Sambucus canadensis (common elderberry) 6/13/95
Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry)
Vaccinium stamineum (deerberry)
Viburnum acerifolium (maple-leaf viburnum)  6/02/05
Viburnum prunifolium (blackhaw viburnum)
Vinca minor (periwinkle)

Celastrus orbiculatus (Asiatic bittersweet)
Clematis terniflora (yam-leaved clematis) 9/25/02
Dioscorea villosa (wild yamroot)
Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) 6/13/95
Menispermum canadense (Canada moonseed)
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper)
Smilax glauca (sawbrier)
Solanum dulcamara (bittersweet nightshade)
Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy)
Vitis labrusca (fox grape)

Acalypha rhomboidea (three-seeded mercury)
Achillea millefolium (yarrow)
Actaea alba (doll's eyes)
Aegopodium podagraria (goutweed)   6/02/05
Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard)  6/02/05
Allium vineale (field garlic)
Ambrosia artemisiifolia (common ragweed)
Ambrosia trifida (giant ragweed)
Amphicarpaea bracteata (hog peanut)
Anemonella thalictroides (rue anemone)
Antennaria sp. (pussytoes)
Aquilegia canadensis (wild columbine)
Aralia nudicaulis (wild sarsaparilla)
Arisaema triphyllum (jack-in-the-pulpit)
Artemisia vulgaris (common mugwort)
Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed)
Aster cordifolius (heart-leaved aster) 9/25/02
Aster divaricatus (white wood aster) 9/25/02
Aster spp. (asters) 9/25/02
Bidens cernua (nodding bur marigold) 9/25/02
Bidens comosa (strawstem beggar ticks) 9/25/02
Bidens frondosa (devil's beggar ticks) 9/25/02
Boehmeria cylindrica (false nettle)
Callitriche sp. (water starwort)
Cardamine pensylvanica (Pennsylvania bittercress)
Chelone glabra (white turtlehead) 9/25/02
Chenopodium album (pigweed)
Cirsium arvense (Canada thistle)
Collinsonia canadensis (horsebalm)
Comandra umbellata (bastard toadflax)
Conyza canadensis (horseweed)
Corydalis sempervirens (pale corydalis) 6/13/95
Cryptotaenia canadensis (honewort) 6/13/95
Daucus carota (Queen Anne's lace) 9/25/02
Dianthus armeria (Deptford pink) 9/25/02
Epifagus virginiana (beech drops)
Epilobium coloratum (purple willowherb)
Erigeron annuus (daisy fleabane) 6/13/95 9/25/02
Eupatorium fistulosum (trumpet Joe-Pye weed)
Eupatorium rugosum (white snakeroot) 9/25/02
Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry)
Galium sp. (bedstraw)
Geranium maculatum (wild geranium)
Geranium robertianum (herb Robert)
Geum canadense (white avens) 6/13/95
Hemerocallis fulva (tawny day lily)
Hesperis matronalis (dame's rocket) 6/13/95
Hieracium paniculatum (panicled hawkweed) 9/25/02
Hieracium sp. (hawkweed) 6/13/95
Hieracium venosum (rattlesnake hawkweed)  6/02/05  6/13/95
Hypericum mutilum (dwarf St. Johnswort) 9/25/02
Hypoxis hirsuta (yellow star grass) 6/13/95
Impatiens capensis (orange jewelweed) 9/25/02
Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag) 6/13/95
Krigia biflora (two-flowered Cynthia)
Lactuca biennis (tall blue lettuce) 9/25/02
Laportea canadensis (wood nettle) 9/25/02
Lechea sp. (pinweed)
Lemna sp. (duckweed)
Leonurus cardiaca (motherwort)
Lepidium virginicum (poor man's pepper)
Lespedeza sp. (bushclover)
Lespedeza striata (Japanese bushclover)
Linaria vulgaris (butter-and-eggs) 9/25/02
Lindernia dubia (false pimpernel) 9/25/02
Ludwigia palustris (water purslane)
Lycopus virginicus (Virginia bugleweed)
Lysimachia nummularia (moneywort)
Lysimachia quadrifolia (whorled loosestrife)
Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife) 9/25/02
Maianthemum canadense (Canada mayflower)
Melampyrum lineare (cowwheat) 6/13/95
Myriophyllum sibiricum (Siberian water milfoil)
Oenothera biennis (common evening primrose) 9/25/02
Oxalis stricta (yellow wood sorrel) 9/25/02
Paronychia canadensis (forked chickweed)
Pedicularis canadensis (wood betony)
Peltandra virginica (arrow arum)
Penstemmon digitalis (white beard-tongue) 6/13/95
Penthorum sedoides (ditch stone crop)
Phytolacca americana (pokeweed)
Pilea pumila (clearweed)
Plantago lanceolata (English plantain)
Plantago major (common plantain)
Polygonatum biflorum (true Solomon's seal)
Polygonum arifolium (halberd-leaved tearthumb)
Polygonum aviculare (knotweed) 9/25/02
Polygonum cespitosum (cespitose smartweed)  6/02/05 6/13/95 9/25/02
Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed)
Polygonum hydropiperoides (mild water pepper) 9/25/02
Polygonum persicaria (lady's thumb) 9/25/02
Polygonum sagittatum (arrowhead tearthumb) 9/25/02
Polygonum sp. (smartweed) 6/13/95
Polygonum virginianum (jumpseed)
Portulaca oleracea (common purslane)
Potentilla canadensis (dwarf cinquefoil) 6/02/05  6/13/95
Potentilla simplex (common cinquefoil)  6/02/05
Prenanthes sp. (lettuce) 6/13/95
Prunella vulgaris (self-heal) 9/25/02
Ranunculus acris (tall buttercup) 6/13/95
Ranunculus sp. (buttercup)
Rumex acetosella (sheep sorrel) 
Rumex crispus (curled dock)
Rumex obtusifolius (broad dock)
Satureja vulgaris (wild basil)
Scrophularia lanceolata (hare figwort) 6/13/95
Scutellaria lateriflora (madddog skullcap)
Smilacina racemosa (false Solomon's seal)
Solanum carolinense (horse nettle)
Solidago caesia (blue-stem goldenrod) 9/25/02
Solidago flexicaulis (zig-zag goldenrod) 9/25/02
Solidago gigantea (late goldenrod) 9/25/02
Solidago rugosa (rough-leaved goldenrod) 9/25/02
Symplocarpus foetidus (skunk cabbage)
Taraxacum officinale (dandelion)  6/02/05 6/13/95 9/25/02
Tephrosia virginiana (goat's rue) 6/13/95
Trifolium hybridum (alslike clover) 9/25/02
Trifolium pratense (red clover)  6/02/05  6/13/95 9/25/02
Trifolium repens (white clover)  6/02/05 6/13/95 9/25/02
Triodanis perfoliata (Venus' looking glass) 6/13/95
Tsuga canadensis (eastern hemlock)
Typha latifolia (broad-leaved cattail)
Ulmus americana (American elm)
Urtica dioica v. dioica (stinging nettle)
Urtica dioica v. procera (tall stinging nettle)
Verbena urticifolia (white vervain)
Veronica officinalis (common speedwell)
Veronica serpyllifolia (thyme-leaved speedwell) 6/13/95
Viola sp. (violet)
Xanthium strumarium (clotbur)
unknown parsley 6/13/95

Juncus effusus (soft rush)?
Juncus tenuis (path rush)

Carex crinita (sedge)
Carex laxiflora type (loose-flowered type sedge)
Carex lupulina (sedge)
Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania sedge)
Carex scoparia (sedge)
Carex stricta (tussock sedge)
Cyperus bipartitus (shining flatsedge)
Cyperus brevifolioides (short-leaved flatsedge)
Cyperus sp. (esculentus or umbellata)? (nut or umbrella sedge)
Scirpus atrovirens (dark green bulrush)
Scirpus cyperinus (woolly grass bulrush)
Scirpus validus (soft stem bulrush)

Cinna arundinacea (wood reedgrass)
Digitaria ischaemum (smooth crabgrass)
Echinochloa muricata (barnyard grass)
Elymus virginicus (Virginia wild rye grass)
Elytrigia repens (quack grass)
Eragrostis spectabilis (purple love grass)
Microstegium vimineum (Japanese stilt grass)
Panicum clandestinum (deer-tongue grass)
Panicum dichotomiflorum (fall panicgrass)
Panicum sp. (panicgrass)
Phragmites australis (giant reedgrass)
Poa annua (annual bluegrass) 9/25/02
Schizachyrium scoparium (little blue stem grass)
Setaria faberi (nodding foxtail grass)

Ferns and Fern Allies:
Athyrium filix-femina (lady fern)
Dactylis glomerata (orchard grass)
Dennstaedtia punctilobula (hay-scented fern)
Dryopteris carthusiana (toothed woodfern)
Dryopteris marginalis (marginal woodfern)
Onoclea sensibilis (sensitive fern)
Osmunda cinnamomea (cinnamon fern)
Osmunda claytoniana (interrupted fern)
Polypodium sp. (rockcap fern)
Polystichum acrostichoides (Christmas fern)
Pteridium aquilinum (bracken fern)

Shoreline Restoration Project by Ramapo College
On 9/25/02 they were planting by the Scarlet Oak Pond species such as
Aster novi-belgii ?
Eupatorium perfoliatum
Lobelia cardinalis