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Sussex Co., NJ

Wawayanda State Park                                                                                                              Vernon Township   AT
Hamburg Mountain North Wildlife Management Area (gone with the developers? nope) (pond)   Vernon Township
Hamburg Mountain Wildlife Management Area.                                                                           Vernon Township (feeds into Wallkill River)
Gerard Woods                                                                                                                            Hardyston Township
New Jersey Natural Land Trust Preserve                                                                                     Hardyston Township
Hamburg Boro Park                                                                                                                    Franklin Boro
The Park at Franklin Pond                                                                                                           Franklin Boro
Beaver Lake Rail Trail limestone                                                                                                Ogdensburg Boro
Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area                                                                                Sparta Township
Sparta Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                                              Sparta Township
Sparta Fields                                                                                                                                Sparta Township
White Lake                                                                                                                                  Sparta Township
Lake Musconetcong State Park                                                                                                    Stanhope Boro  (a Morris Canal site) Musconetcong R.
Lake Musconetcong Park   HB                                                                                                     Stanhope Boro
Furnace Pond (a Morris Canal site)                                                                                              Stanhope Boro Musconetcong River limestone
Preserve at Lubber's Run                                                                                                             Byram Township
Lubber's Run: Neil Gylling Memorial Park                                                                                    Byram Township
Carl O. Johnson Municipal Park                                                                                                   Byram Township
Allamuchy Mountain State Park                                                                                                    Byram Township
McCarthy Preserve                                                                                                                       Hopatcong Boro   NJLT

Warren Co.

Allamuchy Mountain State Park                                                                                                    Alllamuchy Township
Hackettstown Wildlife Management Area                                                                                     Hackettstown Town
Pohatcong Wildlife Management Area: North                                                                                Pohatcong Township
Pohatcong Wildlife Management Area: South                                                                                Pohatcong Township
Morris Canal Trail Musconetcong River                                                                                        Allamuchy Township
Buckhorn Springs Wildlife Management Area                                                                               White Township

Hunterdon Co., NJ

Dove's Landing Property                                                                                                              Bethlehem Township
Tannen Property                                                                                                                           Bethlehem Township
Jugtown Mountain Nature Preserve                                                                                               Bethlehem Township
Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area : Bethlehem                                                                  Bethlehem Township
Charlestown Reservation                                                                                                              Bethlehem Township
Tower Hill Reserve                                                                                                                       Bethlehem Township
Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area: Holland (Musconetcong R.) (part in Warren Co)         Holland Township
Musconetcong Gorge Preserve (Musconetcong River)                                                                  Holland Township
Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area: Pohatcong (Musconetcong River)                                Holland Township
Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area: Lebanon (part in Warren County)                                Lebanon Township
Musconetcong River, Point Mountain Section (near Morris Canal) (Musconetcong River)              Lebanon Township
Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area: Butler Park (part in Warren County)                            Lebanon Township
Mountain View Park                                                                                                                     Lebanon Township
Crystal Springs                                                                                                                             Lebanon Township 
Teetertown Ravine Nature Preserve  (South Branch, Raritan River)                                               Lebanon Township    
Ken Lockwood Gorge Wildlife Management Area (South Branch, Raritan River)                           Lebanon Township
Voorhees State Park                                                                                                                     Lebanon Township
Columbia Trail                                                                                                                              High Bridge Boro
South Branch Reservation (South Branch, Raritan River)                                                               many townships & boros
South Branch Reservation -- Arches Section                                                                                 High Bridge Boro
Hoffman Park                                                                                                                               Union Township
Union Forge Nature Preserve                                                                                                        Union Township
Clinton Wildlife Management Area                                                                                                Union Township
Spruce Run State Recreation Area                                                                                                Union/Clinton Townships
Christmas Tree Farm                                                                                                                    Tewksbury Township

Passaic County

Wawayanda State Park                                                                                                                       West Milford & in Sussex County
Greenpond Mountain                                                                                                                           West Milford
Bubbling Spring Recreation Area                                                                                                          West Milford 
Pequannock Watershed                                                                                                                        West Milford
Echo Lake, Pequannock Watershed, Clinton Brook, Newfoundland                                                     West Milford
Macopin Gorge                                                                                                                                    West Milford
Norvin Green s.w. part, Kampfe, Star & Cold Spring Lakes, Bloomingdale (Pequannock R.)                West Milford 
Brown's Point Park                                                                                                                               West Milford
Wanaque Wildlife Management Area SR (Wanaque River)                                                                    West Milford
Wanaque Wildlife Management Area (Green Turtle Lake)                                                                     West Milford
Hosford-Knight property and Faustini property                                                                                      West Milford
Apshawa Preserve                                                                                                                                 West Milford
Tranquility Ridge Park                                                                                                                          West Milford/Ringwood
Big Beech Mountain SR                                                                                                                        West Milford
Long Pond Ironworks State Park, Monksville Reservoir HB SR (Wanaque River)                                 West Milford/Ringwood
Ringwood State Park (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4)                                                                                     Ringwood
N.J. Botanical Garden, Skyland Manor and Shepherd Lake (Wanaque River) (mansion)                        Ringwood
Governor Mountain (Wanaque Reservoir) (pic2)                                                                                        Ringwood
Tory Rocks Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                                                               Ringwood
Saddle Mountain                                                                                                                                   Ringwood
Weis Ecology Center, adjoins Norvin Green HB                                                                                    Ringwood
Norvin Green, HB                                                                                                                                 Bloomingdale
Friendship Park                                                                                                                                     Bloomingdale
Federal Hill                                                                                                                                            Bloomingdale
Back Beach                                                                                                                                          Wanaque
Hersfield Park and Veterans Park (Wanaque River)                                                                                Pompton Lakes

Bergen Co., NJ

Houvenkopf Mountain                                                                               Mahwah Township
Bear Swamp Lake                                                                                     Mahwah Township
Ramapo Valley County Reservation McMillan Res. (Ramapo River)           Mahwah Township
Camp Glen Gray                                                                                        Mahwah Township
Campgaw Mountain County Reservation  (Ramapo River)                         Mahwah Township
Darlington County Park   (Ramapo River)                                                  Mahwah Township
former Camp Todd threatened                                                                   Oakland Boro
Camp Tamarack                                                                                        Oakland Boro
Ramapo Mountain State Forest, Ramapo Lake (Ramapo River)                 Oakland Boro
Lorrimer Sanctuary                                                                                     Franklin Lakes
James A. McFaul Environmental Center of Bergen County                         Wyckoff

Morris County (FHTN = Farny Highlands Trail Network)

Western edge:
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation FHTN (Weldon Brook into Musconetcong River)                                Jefferson Township
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (Pine Swamp)                                                                                      Jefferson Township
Ogden Mine Railroad Path                                                                                                                   Jefferson Township
Weldon Brook Wildlife Management Area                                                                                            Jefferson Township
Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area                                                                                         Jefferson Township
Lake Hopatcong State Park (a Morris Canal site) Musconetcong River (pic1) (dam)                             Lake Hopatcong Jefferson Twp/Mt. Arlington
Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area (including the rail-trail)  (Rockaway River)                         Jefferson Twp/Roxbury Twp
Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area: off Route 15 south                                                            Jefferson Twp/Roxbury Twp
Morris Canal Park at Ledgewood                                                                                                         Roxbury Township
Lake Musconetcong State Park                                                                                                            Netcong Boro
Waterloo (a Morris Canal Site) Musconetcong River limestone (pic1) (pic2)                                          Mount Olive Township
Saxton Falls (Morris Canal Site) Warren & Morris Counties, Musconetcong R. limestone (pic1)            Mount Olive Township
Stephens State Park (a Morris Canal Site) Musconetcong R. (pic1) (pic2)                                             Mount Olive Township
Hackettstown Reservoir (a Morris Canal site) Musconetcong River                                                       Mount Olive Township
Budd Lake Wildlife Management Area                                                                                                  Mount Olive Township
Crown Towers property State Park                                                                                                       Mount Olive Township
Drake's Brook Greenway                                                                                                                      Mount Olive Township
Turkey Brook Park                                                                                                                                Mount Olive Township
South Branch Wildlife Management Area: North Section                                                                        Mount Olive Twp/Washington Twp
South Branch Wildlife Management Area: South Section                                                                        Washington Township
Scott Park  (South Branch Raritan River) limestone                                                                                Washington Township
Schooley's Mountain Park   (Electric Brook into S. Branch Raritan River) PP                                         Washington Township
Schooley's Mountain Park: Langdon Palmer Fishing Access  Columbia Trail, PP, Gillette Trail                Washington Township
Rock Spring Park                                                                                                                                  Washington Township
Cataract Park  (into Musconetcong River)                                                                                              Washington Township
Hoffman Tract                                                                                                                                       Washington Township

West Central Region:
Green Pond Oil Spill Site                                                                                                                        Rockaway Township
Green Pond                                                                                                                                            Rockaway Township
Farny Natural Area north  FHTN (Rockaway R.)                                                                                   Rockaway Township
Farny Natural Area south                                                                                                                        Rockaway Township
Splitrock Reservoir                                                                                                                                 Rockaway Township
Mount Hope County Park                                                                                                                      Rockaway Township
Mount Hope Historical Park                                                                                                                   Rockaway Township
Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area                                                                                                Rockaway Township
Tourne County Park, Rockaway River Access (Morris Canal Site)                                                          Boonton Twp/Rockaway Twp
Hugh Force Park (Morris Canal Site) (Rockaway River)                                                                         Wharton Boro
Hedden Park  (Rockaway River)                                                                                                             Dover Twp/Randolph Twp
JFK Park                                                                                                                                                Dover Township
James Andrews Memorial Park (Rockaway River)                                                                                   Randolph Township 
Brundage Park  (into N. Branch Raritan River)                                                                                         Randolph Township
Heistien Park (into N. Branch Raritan River)                                                                                             Randolph Township
Hidden Valley Park
Freedom Park
Mount Paul Memorial County Park  (into N. Branch Raritan River) PP                                     Chester Township
Black River Wildlife Management Area  (Black River) PP limestone                                         Chester Township
Chubb Park  PP                                                                                                                      Chester Township
Black River County Park: Cooper Mill  (Black River) PP                                                         Chester Township  
Black River County Park  (Black River) PP limestone                                                              Chester Township
Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center  (Bamboo Brook into Lamington River) PP            Chester Township
Willowwood Arboretum  (Bamboo Brook into Lamington River) PP                                        Chester Township
Hacklebarney State Park  (Black River) PP                                                                              Chester Township
Evans Family Forest Preserve                                                                                                  Chester Township
Tiger Brook Park                                                                                                                     Chester Township
MacGregor Preserve                                                                                                                Chester Township

East Central Region:
Silas Condict County Park  (Pequannock River)                                 Kinnelon Boro  
Buck Mountain  FHTN (Rockaway River)                                         Kinnelon Boro  
Rock Pear Mountain  FHTN                                                              Kinnelon Boro
Pyramid Mountain  FHTN (Rockaway River)                                     Kinnelon Boro
Turkey Mountain FHTN (Rockaway River)                                        Kinnelon Boro
Waughaw Mountain                                                                           Montville Township
Valhalla Hemlock Glen                                                                       Montville Township
Montville (Morris Canal Site)                                                              Montville Township
Tourne County Park (Rockaway River)                                              Boonton Township/Denville Township
Griffith Park (Morris Canal Site)                                                         Boonton Township
Grace Lord Park (Morris Canal) (Rockaway River)                            Boonton Town
Morris Canal, Denville to Rockaway                                                   Denville Township
Denbrook Park (Rockaway River)                                                      Denville Township
Speedwell Historic Village  PP (pic1) (pic2)                                        Morristown
Speedwell Park  PP                                                                            Morristown
Frelinghuysen Arboretum,  (Whippany River)                                       Morristown
Traction Line Recreation Area                                                             Morristown
Jockey Hollow, Morristown N.H.P.  (into Passaic R) PP                    Morris Twp/Harding Township
Lewis Morris County Park (Whippany River) PP                                Harding Township  
Glen Alpin         PP                                                                             Harding Township
Tempe Wick Reserve                                                                         Mendham Township
Dismal Harmony Natural Area                                                            Mendham Township
Clyde Potts Reservoir Watershed                                                       Mendham Township
Cold Hill Reserve                                                                               Mendham Township
Buttermilk Falls Natural Area                                                             Mendham Township
India Brook Natural Area                                                                  Mendham Township
Mountain Valley Park   PP                                                                 Mendham Township       
Meadowood Park                                                                              Mendham Township
Ralston Recreation and Natural Area                                                  Mendham Township
Burnett Brook Natural Area                                                               Chester Township/Mendham Township
Buck Hill Natural Area                                                                       Mendham Township
Schiff Nature Preserve                                                                       Mendham Township
Aquatic Park                                                                                      Pequannock Township
Pequannock Valley Park                                                                     Pequannock Township
Woodland Park  (residents only)                                                         Pequannock Township
Foothills Park                                                                                     Pequannock Township           
Mountainside Park (into Pequannock River)                                        Pequannock Township
Greenview Park                                                                                  Pequannock Boro

Somerset Co., NJ

New Jersey Brigade Area                                                                  Bernardsville 
Scherman-Hoffman PP                                                                      Bernardsville
Little Brook Sanctuary                                                                       Bernardsville
William S. Post Natural Area                                                             Bernardsville

Catskill Outlier
Passaic Co., NJ

Abram S. Hewitt State Forest (Surprise Lake on Bearfort Mountain north) AT (Wanaque River)         West Milford
San Cap County Park                                                                                                                         West Milford
Bearfort Mountain south (Terrace Pond) (Little Green Brook)                                                              West Milford