Route 24 (Mendham Road), Mendham Township, Morris County, NJ

1154 acres


From Interstate 287:

Traveling North on 287, take exit 35 and turn left at the traffic light; at the end of the exit ramp onto South Street. Follow signs for Route 24 west through Morristown and around the Green. Proceed on Route 24 for approximately 3 and one half miles.

The Cultural Center is located within the boundaries of Lewis Morris County Park at 300 Mendham Road. It is located on Route 24, approximately 1/2 mile passed the entrance to Lewis Morris County Park. The Cultural Center will be on the left hand side of Route 24.


1738-1746  --  the park was named for Lewis Morris (1671-1746), who was the first Governor of the State of New Jersey starting in 1738 and continuing to his death in 1746.  He took an active part in bringing about the separation of New York and New Jersey. 

1958  --  the park was the first to be opened in the Morris County Park System.  It contained 350 acres.

1988 (September 25) --  the Deer Run officially opened at the Rededication Ceremonies.

1992  -- the County´s veterans´ memorial (located near the Route 24 entrance) dedicated.

1995  --  Saturn of Denville, Morristown and Livingston donated a playground to the Park. The playground, "Saturn's Kids Kingdom " (located next to Doe Meadow) has slides, rings and climbing structures. I

Source: Morris County Park System; http://www.morrisparks.net/parks/lmmain.htm


Lewis Morris Park offers many attractions as a general purpose park, including several miles of hiking trails, camping for organized groups by advance reservation, group and family picnic sites, lake swimming area, softball fields sledding and ski touring in the winter, and a parcourse fitness circuit. All of these attractions are offered among the many beautiful vistas of both open fields and wooded areas. The Morris County Park Commission Cultural Center, located at 300 Mendham Road in Morris Township, is also located in Lewis Morris County Park.

The Sunrise Lake Recreation Area at Lewis Morris County Park includes facilities for swimming, boating, and fishing. A bath/boathouse provides restrooms, changing rooms, an office, snack bar and first-aid room.

Information concerning swimming registration, instruction and fees can be obtained by telephoning the bath/boat house at (973) 267-4351 or (973) 326-7600. Information on picnic reservations can be obtained from the Park Police of the County of Morris at (973) 326-7631.


There are several trails here, including a portion of the Patriot's Path.

Route 24 (Mendham Road) forms the northwestern border of the Park. 

Patriots' Path  --   North of Route 24 is an undeveloped area.  The Whippany River goes through the area west to east and the Patriot's Path parallels the River.  From here the Patriot's Path goes across Route 24 and heads south from Route 24 along the western side of Sunrise Lake.  It then goes past the ball field and then goes south roughly parallel with Doe Meadow Road.  Still heading south the Path roughly parallels the southern part of Sugar Loaf Road.  The Path next passes on the opposite side of the road to the Soldiers" Huts.  It then proceeds down to Jockey Hollow Road.  It then heads south along the Soldier Hut Trail to Jockey Hollow Road.  The Path eventually passes over Tempe Wick Road and on to the New Jersey Brigade Area..

Blue Trail  --  the trail heads off the Patriots' Path heading south and then forms a figure 8 extending south. 

Red Trail  -- heads off the southern end of the Blue Trail to make a loop trail.

Yellow Trail  -- a 4.2 mile bike/multi-use trail has been marked with yellow blazes; the trail also makes a loop trail.  It starts along the Patriots' Path near Doe Meadow Row and comes back to it, just in another location.