Old Mine Road, Delaware River Gap National Recreation Area, Hardwick Township, Warren County, New Jersey


US 80 west to Exit 1 and Old Mine Road north. 2.7 miles north of the signal light at the one lane part of Old Mine Road is the southern boundary of Worthington State Forest.  10.7 miles north of the signal light is the entrance to the Watergate Picnic Area.

There is a lake here.

Van Campens Brook flows from Blue Mountain Lakes and Long Pond through the Watergate Picnic Area.


Watergate was the 1950s estate of George Busch. There are only remains now, such as a stone dam with a Victorian turret and the grave of Busch's dog Bozo.

1905 George Busch, second child of prosperous couple Garrett and Gertrude Hortgen, born in New Jersey.

He was educated at Blair Academy and Newark Academy.

He was later educated at the University of Alabama and the University of South Carolina.

He later took over his father's jewelry business.

1926 George married Helen Godnin Behee. (They had no children)

1936 - 1948 listed in Who's Who in Commerce and Industry Sixth International Edition.

He was director of Busch and Sons of New Jersey, Texas and Alabama. His office was at 875 Broad St, Newark, New Jersey.

He had a summer home at Echo Valley Farm, Milbrook, New Jersey.

1952 his wife Helene died at age 49.

1970 George died in his sleep.

Source: www.buschfamily.net/Garrett/George/

Dr. Patrick L. Cooney

Betula nigra (river birch)
Fagus grandifolia (American beech)
Larix sp. (larch)
Nyssa sylvatica (tupelo)
Pinus resinosa (red pine) plantation
Quercus alba (white oak)

Alnus incana v. americana (speckled alder)

Deschampsia flexuosa? (hairgrass)?
Elymus hystrix (bottle brush grass)
Schizachyrium scoparium (little blue stem grass)