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1. Delaware River (east shore)

Sussex County, NJ

Dingman's Ferry                                                                                                                    Montague Township                                           
Hainesville Wildlife Management Area                                                                                   Montague Township       limestone
Peters Valley Craft Village                                                                                                     Sandyston Township     
Flatbrook-Roy Wildlife Management Area                                                                             Sandyston Township      limestone
Walpack Valley Environmental Education Center                                                                   Walpack Township        limestone
Walpack Wildlife Management Area                                                                                     Walpack Township         limestone
Flatbrookville pull-off AT                                                                                                      Walpack Township        limestone
Old Mine Road

Warren County

Millbrook Village                                                                                                                     Hardwick Township
Upper Glen                                                                                                                             Hardwick Township
Watergate Picnic Area                                                                                                             Hardwick Township
Lower Glen Parking Area                                                                                                        Hardwick Township
Van Campens Glen                                                                                                                  Hardwick Township 
Depew Recreation Site                                                                                                             Hardwick Township
Poxono Boat Access (to Catfish Pond)                                                                                     Hardwick Township
Coppermines Trail parking area to the AT                                                                                 Hardwick Township
Worthington State Forest: Douglas Trail parking area to the AT                                                 Hardwick Township
Worthington State Forest: Karamac and Farview parking areas to Yards Creek Reservoir AT  Hardwick Township
Worthington State Forest: Dunnfield Creek Natural Area to Mount Tammany AT                     Hardwick Township
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (Kittatinny Point VC) to the AT                       Knowlton Township