Staten Island , NY just south of the Castleton Corners neighborhood



This is part of the Greenbelt Circular Trail.  The hiker may be coming from Clove Lakes Park in the north traveling south  past the Staten Island Expressway (by walking down Little Clove Road at southwestern end of Clove Lakes Park) and turning right and then right again onto Milford Drive passing the College of Staten Island (Sunnyside Campus).  At the end of  the road there is a blue blazed trail going through a park adjacent to the college.  

The path leads past kettle holes and behind a former seminary (St. Francis Seminary).  The parth continues through the park adjacent to the Richmond County Country Club and then the Moravian Cemetery.  It then heads into High Rock Park.


This path goes by greenish Precambrian serpentine bedrock outcrops.

The Harbor Hill Moraine, extending along a northeast-southwest line near the center of the island, defines the crest of Staten Island's uplands.   Todt Hill is the highest point of the ridge at 410 feet.


forest of birch, beech, oak and sweetgum