Steamboat River Park (Harbor Landing)
Hardie Drive off Broadway, Verplanck, Buchanan, Westchester County, New York


Saw Mill River Parkway north to Taconic State Parkway north to exit for Route 9A that empties into Route 9; get off the exit for Welcher Avenue at green mileage marker 22 21; turn left onto Welcher Avenue; turn left onto Route 9A heading south; turn right onto Bleakley Avenue (signs for Indian Point); turn left onto Broadway; drive all the way to the end of Broadway at a T-intersection; turn right onto Hardie Drive; park in the parking lot.   


The Steamboat Dock is very close to King's Ferry,  During the Revolution this vital crossing was located here, used by the French and American armies in their march to Yorktown in 1781. 

The pavilion here is named the Pavilion is named for Marie Pritchard (1943-2001)  who was a community activist, founder and chairperson of the Verplanck Waterfront Preservation Committee whose vision and commitment led to the improvement of the Steamboat Dock Area.


Part of Segments 4 & 5 of the Hudson River Trailway. 

Segment 4 (Cortlandt Shoreline Trail to Broadway)

This section of the RiverWalk follows Broadway starting at Lents Cove Village Park at the Peekskill/Buchanan municipal border and heads south past Indian Point through the hamlet of Verplanck to the waterfront at Steamboat River Park. Broadway is part of the Cortlandt Shoreline Trail route and is a main thoroughfare through this area. It is improved in sections with sidewalks and shoulders.

Segment 5 (Steamboat River Park to Montrose Point)

Starting at Steamboat River Park, RiverWalk will follow the waterfront, utilizing a built promenade in the park, and will traverse a former brownfield site (now renovated and part of the town park), to the east along the waterfront.

It will then follow Riverview Avenue (parts of which have been recently improved with sidewalks, and Kings Ferry Road and connect with newly developed hiking trails in the county-maintained Montrose Point Park via the Cortlandt Yacht club access road.

It will continue south along a trail easement established through the eastern, inland side of the Kolping Society property. This easement connects into Montrose Point Road, which leads into George's Island County Park. Some of this alignment follows the route of the planned Cortlandt Shoreline Trail.

Source: Hudson River Trailway Plan.

11/28/2004.  This is a very small park, mainly parking lot with just a little ground for vegetation.  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney.