Starlight Park

east & west ends of Bronx River between E. 174th and E. 172nd Streets, Bronx , New York

The State Department of Transportation has committed funds to renovate the park and to build a greenway from East 172nd Street to East Tremont Avenue.

2000 (October 15) – Gover Pataki announces that the state will fund the building of a Bronx River Greenway to the tune of $11 million dollars. The section will be from East 172nd Street to East Tremont Avenue in the South Bronx.


new ballfields, improved access to the river’s edge, a buffer zone of trees blocking the Sheridan Expressway, and parking.

There are hopes to develop a Starlight Park Riverhouse (meeting place for educational and cultural purposes), as well as a boathouse, outdoor theater, greenhouse, observatory tower, classroom space, and children’s reading room/library. 

Source: boroughs/bronx/pages/6_bronx_river/