1800 acres
Permission required.  It is owned by the New York City Mission Society which uses it as a conference center and summer camp.


From Dover Furnace continue on Route 26, past the main entrance to the Green Acres Conference Center (and with permission) enter the drive marked Camp Green Acres at mile 18.3. Through the gate, bear right, then left and continue to the end of the paved drive. Keep right and follow the gravel road (small signs with red arrows and marked C.R.G.C.-R.O.W.) to the Sharparoon Furnace. Bordering the Swamp River, the property boasts a wide range of habitats from marsh and swamp to lake and steep mountain ridge. Over 100 species have been recorded here.


Sharparoon borders the floodplains of the Swamp River; marsh; swamp; and mountain ridge.

History: (source: Kirby, Ed)

The remains of the Sharparoon Furnace are on a trail on Camp Sharparoon grounds.

1867 -- constructed at this time was the ore bed spur of the Harlem Valley Railroad; it was used to transport ore to other furnaces.

1881 -- this was the last furnace to be constructed in the Salisbury District. Here is the fine ashlar stack of Stockbridge marble (quarried from the Dover Quarry) standing forty feet in height.

1883 -- after a fire in this year destroyed the top house and adjoining buildings, the furnace was never restarted.

West, up the hill behind the furnace, one can find the foundations of the charcoal sheds.

In front of the furnace one can see the old road bed of the spur from the Harlem Valley Railroad.

There were two other furnaces located northwest of the Sharparoon furnace.

Camp Sharparoon was a camp for youths from inner-city New York.   On the web there are quite a few entries from people noting their pasts as counselors at Camp Sharparoon.