Spans 7.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean, on the Rockaway peninsula. Barbecuing is permitted at Beach 17th, 88th and 98th streets only. "Quiet zones" extend from Beach 73rd to 77th streets and Beach 145th to 149th streets. Parking is limited on streets in the western end of the peninsula during the summer.

June 9, 1929

Seventeen members and guests of the club enjoyed the walk along Rockaway Beach on June 9. The sand dunes contained many interesting plants particularly Hudsonia in bloom, and Artemisia, a variety of color forms of wild roses from snow white to deep crimson, and abundant beach goldenrod, not in bloom. One of the party reported seeing a hog nose viper. We also happened on a nest of plover on the ground among the grasses on the dune, containing three eggs.

There was only one small annoyance, which was that we were prevented by a sentry from walking along the beach in front of the Naval Reservation at Fort Tilden, the aviation station. If this walk is held next year, as I hope it will be, a pass can be obtained beforehand. About 5 o'clock most of the party too the Breezy point ferry for Sheepshead Bay where they had dinner and so the subway and home.

Zaida Nicholson pp. 142-143

Winged Pigweed (Cycloloma atriplicifolium) found here.

Source:  Guy Tudor.  Now You See It, Now You Don't: A selected list of New York and New Jersey wildflowers and flowerings shrubs not covered in the standard regional guides. The Linnaean News Letter. Volume 59, Number 3, May 2005.