Old Bethpage Village Restoration
Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage

Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks says:

Take a step backwards in time and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the mid- nineteenth century at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Since 1970, Old Bethpage has immersed the visitor in the lifestyle of an earlier, simpler era, when sheep lazily grazed in the fields, quilting bees were a social event, and horse-drawn vehicles were the mode of transport. As a photograph freezes a moment in time to forever be remembered, so too does Old Bethpage successfully re-create this era with a carefully planned village designed to accurately duplicate a Long Island Village of the pre-Civil War era. The village is currently comprised of over 55 historic buildings, all of which are original structures saved from destruction and moved to the museum's site.

Explore the village at a leisurely pace, taking your time to absorb the overt and subtle differences between centuries. A seasonal, free tram service with strategic stops throughout the village is provided to aid seniors, the physically challenged, and families with young children during their visit. There is an assortment of homes, farms, and businesses which populate the village, and together they form the re-created town. Stop by the Manetto Hill Church, an 1857 place of worship from Plainview; visit the Layton Store, circa 1866 from East Norwich; observe the blacksmith at work in the Bach Blacksmith Shop, circa 1875 from Hicksville; view the animals at the Powell Farm, circa 1855 and the only structure still sitting on its original site; or stop by the Noon Inn, circa 1850 from East Meadow, to see where travelers stopped for food and lodging.

Through demonstrations and costumed interpreters representing this period, visitors may obtain the best sense of what living in the 1800's entailed. Agricultural, domestic, and trade activities are illustrated through the actual practice of these crafts and skills in the Nineteenth century manner. Moreover, there are special events, demonstrations, and programs which rotate daily to further enhance this vivid depiction of an earlier century - watch an 1860's - style base ball game, experience the stirring sights and sounds of the mid-nineteenth century Old Bethpage Village Brass Band and traditional music, or observe an 1840 militia drill.
Hours and events vary seasonally. Admission fee.