Teatown Reservation
Ossining, Westchester County, New York
733 acres; 14 miles of trails


From the Taconic State Parkway take the exit for NY 134 west (toward Ossining). Turn at the second right, Spring Valley Road. Follow this road about one mile (passing by Blinn Road on the right). Reservation buildings and parking lot will be on your right.


Source: Diamant, Lincoln. Images of America: Teatown Lake Reservation. 2002. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia.

pre-colonial times -- the Mahican tribe of Native Americans speaking the Algonquin language lived in the area.

1697 -- Stephanus Van Cortlandt (1643-1700) granted manor status for his lands along the Hudson River. What became Teatown was an orchard and dairy farm of one of the Van Cortlandt tenants.

1749 -- Pierre Van Cortlandt (1721-1814) and his wife Joanna live in the Van Cortlandt Manor House. He later sells off parts of his inherited lands.

1750 -- the Van Cortlandts establish a Teatown farmstead (still existing at 400 Blinn Road).

c. 1776 -- the story goes that when the British occupied Manhattan, John Arthur, a Manhattan greengrocer, brought up to his Westchester farmhouse several chests of priceless tea that he planned to sell at an exorbitant cost. The local women surrounded his farmhouse to protest the situation and Arthur slipped out the back door. A compromise was worked out that included selling the tea at a reasonable price.

1780 -- William Palmer purchases what became the Teatown property. He had a farmhouse on what became Blinn Road.

1826 -- William Palmer deeds 91 acres to his son Robert (northern properties of A &B).

1832 -- William Palmer deeds land to his son John (properties C, D, E & F).

1851 -- James Griffin buys a three-acre piece of land and has a home on the north side of Apple Bee Farm Road. He later acquire another 75 acres (south of the road).

1855 -- Robert Palmer sells his plots to Jacob Willets.

1858 -- Jacob Willets sells to Elias Loder.

Part A of the Land

1880 -- Elias Loder sells the western piece of property including Griffin Swamp and the northern part of Bailey Brook.

1891 -- Elmer T. Butler buys the Griffin Swamp property.

Part B of the Land

1900 -- Labolt Rickard buys the more easterly Blinn Road property.

Parts C, D, E, F of the Land

1872 -- John Palmer deeds his farm to his son, Ezra J. Palmer. (C, D, F)

1889 -- the land and farm auctioned by the courts. Then the lands go through a series of owners. Plot F went to Martin Niland. 

1912  --  Walter S. Stern buys Plot F, but sells it in the same year to Arthur S. Vernay.

1913  -- Vernay builds the Croft (general name of the complex of buildings in and around Teatown). 

1919 -- Dan Hanna, nephew of Ohio politician Mark Hanna, acquires most of the property.

1920 -- built the Tudor structures that are now Teatown's administrative center.

Gerard Swope Starts to Accumulate the Lands

Gerard Swope Sr. (1872-1957) graduated from M.I.T. And began his long career with a job with Western Electric in Chicago, where he met his future wife, Mary Dayton Hill. He later became president of International General Electric and then president of GE in 1922. In addition, he was a director of the National Broadcasting Company.

1922 -- Gerard Swope Sr. buys plots F & H.

1924 -- Gerard Swope Sr. buys plots I, J, K, L & M. Damming of Bailey Brook and creation of Teatown Lake.

1928 -- Gerard Swope Sr. buys the Blinn Road property (plot B) from Labolt Rickard's son.

1937 -- Gerard Swope Sr. buys plot E.

(It is not clear from the book how plot A got into Swope hands.)

1937 --- Swope retires as president of GE. The Croft becomes his year-round residence.

1942 -- Swope comes out of retirement to become the GE president again because the then GE president went off to serve in WWII.

1957 -- Swope dies. His heirs decide to donate the land.

1963 -- The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) accept stewardship of the Swope property.

1971 -- Teatown formally incorporated. The first naturalist was Warren Balgooyen, a former staff member at nearby Kitchawan, who served in the post for 20 years.

1987 -- Teatown become independent.

1990 -- Marion Rosenwald Ascoli donates Cliffdale Farm to Teatown Lake Reservation.


Dominated by a deciduous forest, primarily second growth, the rolling terrain also includes evergreen woods, wetlands, and open meadows.

Giant hemlock, tulip, oak, and maple trees adorn the land, providing cover for a variety of bird and animal life.


14 miles of trails. Each of the seven basic trails has a distinct character. The trail to Hidden Valley is decorated with blossoming mountain laurel, while the Marsh and Meadow Trail leads through a profusion of purple loosestrife in August. The rugged terrain of the upland trails offers the most challenging hikes during winter, while a summertime walk along the lake gives some insight into the plethora of activity available.

The trail around the lake is known as the Lakeside Trail.  The old farmhouse foundations on the trail southwest of the dam was the farmstead of Richard Palmer.  On the south shore of the lake are the remains of the Kahrs farm (plot G).   


Dr. Edward Frankel, Dr. Patrick L. Cooney, Carol Levine

Flower Island plants

Acer rubrum (red maple) 4/13/95
Betula lenta  (black birch)
Betula populifolia  (gray birch)
Carpinus caroliniana  (musclewood)
Carya ovata  (shagbark hickory)
Castanea dentata  (American chestnut)
Cornus florida  (flowering dogwood)
Crataegus sp.  (hawthorn)
Fagus grandifolia  (American beech)
Fraxinus americana white ash
Ilex opaca  (American holly)
Juniperus virginiana (red cedar)
Larix laricina American larch
Liriodendron tulipifera  (tulip tree)
Magnolia acuminata  (cucumber magnolia)
Nyssa sylvatica  (tupelo)
Picea abies  (Norway spruce)
Pinus sylvestris  (scotch pine)
Populus grandidentata  (bigtooth aspen)
Prunus serotina  (black cherry)
Quercus alba  (white oak)
Quercus bicolor swamp white oak
Quercus rubra red oak
Quercus velutina black oak
Sassafras albidum  (sassafras)
Sorbus mountain ash 6/30/94
Tsuga canadensis eastern hemlock
Ulmus americana  (American elm)

Alnus serrulata  (smooth alder)
Amelanchier canadensis (shadbush)
Aronia arbutifolia (red chokeberry)
Cephalanthus occidentalis  (buttonbush)
Chamaedaphne calyculata leatherleaf 4/13/95
Chimaphila maculata spotted wintergreen
Chimaphila umbellata pipsessewa 6/30/94
Coptis trifolia gold thread
Cornus alternifolia  (alternate-leaved dogwood)
Cornus amomum  (silky or swamp dogwood)
Cornus canadensis bunchberry
Corylus americana  (American hazel)
Epigaea repens trailing arbutus 4/13/95
Euonymus alatus  (winged euonymus)
Gaultheria procumbens teaberry
Gaylussacia baccata (black huckleberry) 5/31/98
Hamamelis virginiana  (witch hazel)
Ilex verticillata winterberry holly 7/03/94
Kalmia angustifolia sheep's laurel 5/31/98
Kalmia latifolia mountain laurel 5/31/98
Lindera benzoin spicebush 4/13/95
Lonicera sp. (honeysuckle species) 5/13/93
Lyonia ligustrina maleberry 5/31/98 6/30/94
Mitchella repens partridge berry 5/31/98
Myrica pensylvanica  (bayberry)
Opuntia humifusa (prickly pear cactus)
Rhododendron arborescens  (smooth azalea)
Rhododendron calendulaceum flame azalea 5/31/98
Rhododendron carolianum Carolina rhododendron
Rhododendron cumberlandense  (cumberland azalea)
Rhododendron maximum rosebay rhododendron 5/31/98
Rhododendron pensylvanica (choptank river azalea -- a hybrid)
Rhododendron periclymenoides pinxter flower
Rhododendron prunifolium  (plum-leaf azalea)
Rhododendron roseum  (rose-shell azalea)
Rhododendron vaseyi  (pink-shell azalea)
Rhododendron viscossum (swamp rhododendron) 5/31/98
Sambucus canadensis (common elderberry)
Spiraea alba var. latifolia  (meadowsweet)
Vaccinium corymbosum highbush blueberry
Vaccinium oxycocos small cranberry
Vaccinium pallidum hillside blueberry
Vaccinium stamineum deerberry 5/31/98
Viburnum acerifolium maple-leaf viburnum 5/31/98
Viburnum dentatum downy arrowwood 5/31/98
Viburnum prunifolium blackhaw viburnum
Viburnum trilobum highbush cranberry viburnum

Adlumia fungosa Alleghany vine 6/30/94
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper)
Smilax rotundifolia  (roundleaved greenbrier)

Actaea alba (white baneberry)
Aconitum uncinatum  (monkshood)
Allium tricoccum (wild leek) 6/30/94
Anemone canadensis (Canada anemone)  5/31/98
Anemone quinquefolia wood anemone 4/13/95
Anemone virginiana  (thimbleweed)
Anemonella thalictroides (rue anemone) 4/13/95 5/31/98
Antennaria neglecta (field pussytoes)
Antennaria plantaginifolia (plantain-leaved pussytoes) in fruit
Aquilegia canadensis (columbine) 5/31/98
Aralia nudicaulis (wild sarsaparilla)
Aralia racemosa  (spikenard)
Arisaema triphyllum  (Jack in the pulpit)
Aruncus dioicus (goatsbeard)
Asarum canadense (wild ginger) 5/31/98
Asarum shuttleworthii  (mottled wild ginger)
Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) 6/30/94
Asclepias tuberosa  (butterfly weed)
Aster divaricatus (white wood aster) 9/21/85
Bartonia virginica  (bartonia)
Bidens connata swamp beggar-tick 9/21/85
Bidens laevis  (bur marigold)
Calla palustris wild calla
Caltha palustris marsh marigold in fruit
Cardamine diphylla broad-leaved toothwort
Chelone glabra (white turtlehead) 9/21/85
Chelone lyoni  (pink turtlehead)
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum (ox-eye daisy)
Chrysogonum virginianum gold star 5/31/98
Chrysopsis mariana Maryland golden aster
Cimicifuga racemosa bugbane 6/30/94
Claytonia virginica  (spring beauty)
Clintonia umbellulata white clintonia 5/31/98
Commelina communis Asiatic dayflower 6/30/94
Coreopsis lanceolata lance-leaved coreopsis 5/31/98
Corydalis lutea (yellow corydalis) 5/31/98
Cypripedium acaule  (pink lady slipper) 5/31/98
Cypripedium calceolus yellow lady slipper 5/31/98
Dicentra cucullaria  (Dutchman's breeches)
Dicentra eximia (wild bleeding heart) 5/31/98 6/30/94
Dodecatheon meadia (shooting star) 5/31/98
Epilobium glandulosum  (northern willowherb)
Epipactis helleborine helleborine orchid 6/30/94
Erythronium americanum trout lily
Eupatorium dubium  (Joe Pye weed)
Eupatorium perfoliatum  (boneset)
Galax aphylla galax 5/31/98 6/30/94
Gentiana clausa  (closed gentian)  9/21/85
Geranium maculatum wild geranium 5/31/98
Geranium robertianum  (herb Robert)
Geum rivale  (water avens)
Gillenia trifoliata  (bowman's root)
Hedyotis caerulea  (bluets)
Hedyotis purpurea large bluets 5/31/98 6/30/94
Helenium autumnale  (sneezeweed)
Hepatica acutiloba sharp-lobed hepatica
Hepatica americana round-lobed hepatica 4/13/95
Hesperis matronalis dame's rocket 5/31/98
Heuchera villosa hairy heuchera
Hibiscus moscheutus (swamp rose mallow)
Hydrastis canadensis goldenseal
Hydrophyllum virginianum Virginia waterleaf
Hypoxis hirsuta (yellow stargrass) 5/31/98
Impatiens capensis  (jewelweed)
Iris cristata crested iris
Iris pseudacorus yellow flag 5/31/98 6/30/94
Iris verna dwarf iris 5/31/98
Iris versicolor larger blue flag 5/31/98
Jeffersonia diphylla  (twinleaf)
Linnaea borealis twinflower 5/31/98
Liparis lilifolia  (large twayblade) 6/30/94
Lobelia cardinalis  (cardinal flower)
Lobelia siphilitica great blue lobeilia 9/21/85
Ludwigia alternifolia (seedbox )
Lychnis alba  (evening lychnis)
Lychnis chalcedonica scarlet lychnis 6/30/94
Lychnis flos-cuculi ragged robin 5/31/98
Lysimachia quadrifolia whorled loosestrife
Lysimachia terrestris yellow loosestrife 6/30/94
Lythrum salicaria  (purple loosestrife)
Maianthemum canadense Canada mayflower 5/31/98
Marshallia grandiflora  (Barbara's buttons)
Medeola virginiana Indian cucumberroot 6/30/94
Mertensia virginica Virginia bluebells 4/13/95
Mimulus ringens monkey flower
Mitella diphylla  (miterwort)
Monarda didyma  (bee balm)
Monarda fistulosa  (wild bergamot)
Monotropa uniflora  (Indian pipe)
Myosotis scorpioides forget-me-not 5/31/98 6/30/94
Nymphaea odorata fragrant white water lily 5/31/98 6/30/94
Oenothera biennis common evening primrose 6/30/94
Oxalis stricta yellow wood sorrel 5/31/98
Panax trifolius  (dwarf ginseng)
Pedicularis canadensis wood betony
Penstemmon digitalis foxglove beardtongue 5/31/98 6/30/94
Penthorum sediodes ditch stonecrop 9/21/85
Phlox stolonifera creeping phlox)
Physostegia virginiana false dragonhead
Podophyllum peltatum may apple
Polemonium reptans Jacob's ladder 5/31/98
Polemonium vanbruntiae Greek valerian
Polygala paucifolia  (fringed polygala)
Polygonatum biflorum  (true Solomon's seal)
Polygonatum canaliculatum great true Solomon's seal
Polygonatum pubescens hairy true Solomon's seal
Pontederia cordata pickerelweed
Porteranthus trifoliatus bowman's root 5/31/98
Potentilla tridentata three-toothed cinquefoil 5/31/98
Pyrola elliptica  (shinleaf)  6/30/94
Ranunculus acris tall buttercup 5/31/98 6/30/94
Ranunculus ficaria lesser celandine 4/13/95
Rudbeckia hirta v pulchirrima (blackeyed Susan)
Sagittaria latifolia  (broad-leaved arrowhead)
Sanguinaria canadensis bloodroot 4/13/95
Sarracenia purpurea  (pitcher plant)
Saururus cernuus (lizard's tail) 6/30/94
Saxifraga virginensis (early saxifrage)
Sedum telephium  (orpine)
Shortia galactifolia  (oconne bells)
Silene latifolia (white campion) 5/31/98
Silene noctiflora (night-flowering catchfly) 6/05/94
Silene stellata  (starry campion)
Silene virginica (fire pink) 5/31/98
Silene vulgaris (bladder campion) 5/31/98
Sisyrinchium montanum  (blue-eyed grass)
Smilacina racemosa false Solomon's seal 5/31/98
Smilax herbacea carrion flower
Solidago bicolor  (silverrod)
Solidago speciosa showy goldenrod 9/21/85
Stylophorum diphyllum  (celandine poppy)
Symplocarpus foetidus skunk cabbage
Thalictrum dioicum  (early meadowrue)
Thalictrum polygamum  (tall meadowrue)
Tiarella cordifolia (foamflower)
Tradescantia virginiana spiderwort 5/31/98
Triadenum virginicum  (marsh St. Johnswort)
Trientalis borealis (starflower)
Trillium cernuum  (nodding trillium)
Trillium erectum (wake robin)
Trillium erectum alba white wake robin
Trillium grandiflorum  (white trillium)
Trillium sessile toad shade
Trillium stylosum pink trillium
Triodanis perfoliata Venus' looking glass
Uvularia perfoliata  (perfoliate bellwort)
Uvularia sessilifolia wild oats 5/31/98
Verbena hastata blue vervain 6/30/94
Vernonia noveboracensis  (New York ironwood)
Veronica officinalis common speedwell
Veronicastrum vigrinicum  (culver's root)
Viola blanda  (sweet white violet)
Viola canadensis Canada violet
Viola cucullata  (marsh blue violet)
Viola hastata  (halberd-leaved violet)
Viola labradaorica  (Labrador Violet)
Viola lanceolata  (lance-leaved violet)
Viola odorata  (sweet violet)
Viola pallens  (northern white violet)
Viola palmata wood violet
Viola pedata  (birdfoot violet)
Viola pubescens  (downy yellow violet)
Viola sororia (common blue violet)
Viola striata cream violet 5/31/98
Waldsteinia fragarioides  (barren strawberry)
Zizia aurea  (golden Alexander)


Juncus effusus soft rush

Carex stricta (tussock sedge)

Equisetum arvense  (field horsetail)
Equisetum hyemale (scouring rush horsetail)
Lycopodium clavatum ground pine
Lycopodium digitatum ground cedar
Lycopodium hickeyi  (Hickey's tree clubmoss)
Lycopodium lucidulum  (shinging clubmoss)
Lycopodium obscurum  (ground pine clubmoss)
Adiantum pedatum (maidenhair fern)
Asplenium platyneuron (ebony spleenwort)
Asplenium rhizophyllum (walking fern)
Athyrium filix-femina (lady fern)
Athyrium thelypteroides  (silvery spleenwort)
Botrychium dissectum  (dissected grape fern)
Botrychium virginianum (rattlesnake fern)
Cystopteris bulbifera  (bulblet fern)
Cystopteris protrusa  (woodland fragile fern)
Dennstaedtia punctilobula (hay-scented fern)
Dryopteris goldiana (Goldie's wood-fern)
Dryopteris marginalis (marginal shield fern)
Marsilea quadrifolia (European water clover)
Matteuccia struthiopteris (ostrich fern)
Onoclea sensibilis  (sensitive fern)
Osmunda cinnamomea cinnammon fern
Osmunda claytoniana interrupted fern
Osmunda regalis royal fern
Polypodium appalachianum  (Appalachian rock cap fern)
Polypodium virginianum (Virginia rock cap fern)
Polystichum acrostichoides (Christmas fern)
Thelypteris hexagonoptera  (broad or southern beech fern)
Thelypteris noveboracensis  (New York fern)
Thelypteris phegopteris (narrow or northern beech fern)
Thelypteris palustris (marsh beech fern)
Woodwardia areolata  (netted chain fern)


Acer rubrum red maple 4/13/95 4/16/93
Acer platanoides Norway maple
Acer saccharum sugar maple
Achillea millefolium yarrow 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/28/94 9/05/94
Adiantum pedatum maidenhair fern
Ailanthus altissima tree-of-heaven
Alliaria petiolata garlic mustard 5/13/93 6/05/94 7/03/94
Allium tricoccum wild leek 6/30/94
Allium vineale field garlic
Alnus sp. alder
Ambrosia sp. ragweed 9/05/94
Amphicarpaea bracteata hog peanut 9/05/94
Anaphalis margaritacea pearly everlasting 9/05/94
Anemone quinquefolia wood anemone 4/13/95
Anemonella thalictroides rue anemone 4/13/95
Anthoxanthum odoratum sweet vernal grass
Apios americana ground nut 8/30/93
Apocynum cannabinum Indian hemp 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/28/94
Aralia spinosa Hercules' club 9/05/94
Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the-pulpit
Aronia prunifolia black chokeberry
Asclepias incarnata swamp milkweed 6/30/94 7/03/94 7/11/93 8/11/94
Asclepias syriaca common milkweed 7/28/94
Asclepias tuberosa butterflyweed 7/28/94 8/11/94
Aster divaricatus white wood aster 9/05/94
Aster racemosus small white aster 9/05/94
Aster umbellatus flat-topped aster 9/05/94
Aster vimineus small white aster 8/30/93
Barbarea vulgaris wintercress 5/13/93
Berberis thunbergi Japanese barberry
Betula allegheniensis yellow birch
Betula lenta black birch
Bidens connata swamp beggar-tick
Boehmeria cylindrica false nettle 7/28/94 8/11/94
Botrychium obliquum dissected grape fern
Cardamine bulbosa spring cress 5/13/93
Cardamine pensylvanica Pennsylvania bittercress 5/13/93
Carex crinita sedge
Carex lurida? sedge
Carex stricta tussock sedge
Carex vulpinoidea sedge
Carpinus caroliniana ironwood
Carya ovata shagbark hickory
Carya tomentosa mockernut hickory
Castanea dentata American chestnut
Caulophyllum thalictroides blue cohosh
Celastrus orbiculatus Asiatic bittersweet
Chelone glabra turtlehead
Chimaphila maculata spotted wintergreen 7/03/94
Chimaphila umbellata pipsessewa 6/30/94
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum ox-eye daisy 7/03/94 7/28/94
Chrysanthemum parthenium feverfew
Cimicifuga racemosa black cohosh 6/30/94
Circaea lutetiana enchanter's nightshade 7/03/94 7/30/94
Cirsium discolor field thistle 8/30/93 9/05/04
Claytonia virginica spring beauty 4/16/95
Clethra alnifolia sweet pepperbush 7/28/94 8/11/94
Collinsonia canadensis horsebalm
Commelina communis Asiatic dayflower 6/30/94 8/30/93
Comptonia peregrina sweetfern
Coreopsis sp. coreopsis
Cornus amomum swamp dogwood 7/03/94
Cornus florida flowering dogwood 5/13/93
Corylus sp. hazel
Cypersus sp. nut sedge
Cypripedium acaule pink lady slipper
Dactylis glomerata orchard grass
Daucus carota Queen Anne's Lace 7/11/93 7/28/94 9/05/94
Dennstaedtia punctilobula hay-scented fern
Desmodium spp. tick-trefoil 9/05/94
Desmodium sp. sessile-leaved tick-trefoil 8/30/94
Dianthus armeria deptford pink 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/28/94 9/05/94
Dryopteris marginalis marginal shield fern
Epiaea repens trailing arbutus 4/13/95
Epipactis helleborine helleborine orchid 6/30/94
Equisetum arvense field horsetail
Eragrostis purple love grass 9/05/94
Erigeron annuus daisy fleabane 7/11/93
Erythronium americanum trout lily 4/16/95
Euonymus alatus winged euonymous 5/13/93 6/05/94
Eupatorium perfoliatum boneset 9/05/94
Eupatorium rugosum white snakeroot 9/05/94
Euthamia graminifolia grass-leaved goldenrod 8/30/93 9/05/94
Fagus grandifolia beech
Fragaria sp. strawberries
Fraxinus sp red ash?
Fraxinus americana white ash
Fraxinus green ash
Galium aparine cleavers 6/05/94
Galium sp. bedstraw 7/03/94 7/28/94
Gentiana sp. gentian
Geranium maculatum wild geranium 6/05/94
Geranium robertianum herb robert
Hamamelis virginiana witch hazel
Helenium autumnale sneezeweed 8/30/93
Hemerocallis fulva day lily 7/03/94 9/05/94
Hepatica americana round-lobed hepatica 4/13/95
Hesperis matronalis dame's rocket
Hieracium caespitosum field hawkweed 6/05/94
Holcus lanatus velvet grass
Hypericum mutilum dwarf st. johnswort 8/11/94
Hypericum perforatum common st. Johnswort 7/03/94 7/28/94 7/30/94 8/11/94
Hypoxis hirsuta yellow star grass 7/11/93 7/28/94
Hyssopus officinalis hyssop 7/28/94
Ilex verticillata winterberry 7/03/94
Impatiens capensis orange touch-me-not 7/28/94 8/11/94 9/05/94
Juglans nigra black walnut
Juncus effusus soft rush
Juniperus virginiana red cedar
Kalmia latifolia mountain laurel
Lapsana communis nipplewort 7/03/94
Lemna sp. duckweed
Leonurus cardiaca motherwort past 8/11/94
Linaria vulgaris butter-and-eggs 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/28/94 9/05/94
Lindera benzoin spicebush 4/13/95
Liriodendron tulipifera tulip
Lobelia inflata Indian tobacco 9/05/94
Lobelia siphilitica great lobelia 9/05/94
Lonicera sp. honeysuckle species 5/13/93
Ludwigia palustris water purslane 7/28/94
Lyonia ligustrina maleberry 6/30/94
Lysimachia quadrifolia whorled loosestrife 7/03/94
Lysimachia terrestris yellow loosestrife 6/30/94
Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife 7/03/94 8/30/94 9/05/94
Maianthemum canadense Canada mayflower 5/13/93
Medeola virginiana Indian cucumberroot 6/30/94
Melilotus alba white sweet clover 7/03/94
Mimulus ringens monkey flower 7/28/94
Monarda fistulosa wild bergamot 7/28/94
Monotropa uniflora Indian pipe
Myosotis sp. forget-me-not 6/30/94
Nuphar variegatum spatterdock
Nymphaea odorata fragrant white water lily 6/05/94 6/30/94
Nyssa sylvatica tupelo
Oenothera biennis evening primrose 6/30/94 9/05/94
Onoclea sensibilis sensitive fern
Osmunda cinnamomea cinnammon fern
Osmunda claytoniana interrupted fern
Osmunda regalis royal fern
Oxalis stricta yellow wood sorrel 6/05/94 7/11/93 9/05/94
Panax quinquefolia dwarf ginseng 5/13/93
Panicum clandestinum deer tongue grass
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper
Pedicularis canadensis wood betony
Penstemmon digitalis foxglove beardtongue 6/30/94
Penthorum sedoides ditch stonecrop
Philadelphus sp. mock orange 5/13/93
Phleum pratense timothy
Phragmites australis giant reed grass
Phytolaca americana pokeweed 7/03/94 7/30/94
Picea alba white spruce
Picea rubens red spruce
Pilea pumila clearweed 7/28/94 8/11/94
Pinus strobus white pine
Podophyllum peltatum mayapple 5/13/93
Polygonum coccineum swamp smartweed 8/30/93 in front of bird blind
Polygonum arifolium halbard-leaved tearthumb 8/11/94 9/05/94
Polygonum cespitosum cespitose smartweed 8/3/0/93 in the pond area
Polygonum hydropiper 7/28/94 9/05/94
Polygonum sagittatum arrow-leaved tearthumb 8/30/93 9/05/94
Polygonum virginianum jumpseed 9/05/94
Polypodium virginianum rock polypody
Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas fern
Pontederia cordata pickerelweed
Potentilla canadensis dwarf cinquefoil 5/13/93
Potentilla simplex common cinquefoil 6/05/94
Prunella vulgaris self-heal 7/28/94 9/05/94
Prunus serotina black cherry
Pteridium aquilinum bracken fern
Pyrola elliptica shinleaf 6/30/94
Pyrus malus apple 5/13/93
Quercus prinus chestnut oak
Quercus rubra red oak
Quercus velutina black oak
Ranunculus abortivus kidney-leaf buttercup
Ranunculus acris tall buttercup 6/05/94 6/30/94 7/03/94
Ranunculus bulbosus bulbous buttercup 5/13/93
Ranunculus ficaria lesser celandine 4/13/95 4/16/95
Ranunculus septentrionalis swamp buttercup 5/13/93
Rhododendron nudiflorum pinxter flower
Rhododendron viscossum swamp rhododendron 7/03/94
Rhodotypos scandens jetbead 5/13/93
Rosa multiflora multiflora rose 6/05/94
Rosa palustris swamp rose 7/03/94 7/28/94
Rubus phoenicolasius wineberry
Rubus sp. blackberry 6/05/94
Rudbeckia hirta v pulchirrima blackeyed susan 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/28/94 8/11/94
Rumex acetosella sheep sorrel 6/05/94
Rumex sp. dock
Saggitaria latifolia broad-leaved arrowhead 8/28/93
Salix caprea goat willow
Salix sp. willow
Sambucus canadensis elder 7/03/94
Sanguinaria canadensis bloodroot 4/13/95
Sassafras albidum sassafras
Satureja vulgaris wild basil 7/03/94 7/11/93 7/30/94 9/05/94
Saxifraga virginiensis early saxifrage 4/13/95
Schizachyrium scoparium little blue stem grass
Scirpus atrovirens (dark green bulrush)
Scirpus cyperinus (wool grass bulrush)
Silene vulgaris (bladder campion) 7/03/94 7/11/93 8/30/94
Silene latifolia white campion 7/28/94 8/30/94
Sisyrinchium angustifolium stout blue-eyed grass 6/05/94 7/03/94
Smilax rotundifolia round-leaved greenbrier
Smilax sp. greenbrier
Solanum dulcamara bittersweet nightshade 7/03/94
Solidago juncea early goldenrod 8/11/94
Solidago rugosa rough goldenrod 9/05/94
Solidago speciosa showy goldenrod
Sorghastrum nutans Indian grass
Sparganium sp. burreed
Spirea sp. meadowsweet 7/28/94
Spiraea tomentosa steeplebush 7/28/94
Stellaria vulgatum mouse-ear chickweed 5/13/93 6/05/94
Symplocarpus foetidus skunk cabbage
Syringa sp. purple lilac 5/13/93
Taraxacum officinale dandelions 5/13/93
Thalictrum dioicum early meadow rue
Thalictrum pubescens tall meadowrue 7/03/94 7/30/94
Thelypteris noveboracensis New York fern
Thelypteris palustris marsh fern
Tilia americana American basswood
Toxicodendron radicans poison ivy
Toxicodendron vernix poison sumac
Triadenum virginicum marsh St. Johnswort 7/28/94
Trichostema dichotomum blue curls 7/28/94
Tridens flavus purple-top grass
Trientalis borealis starflower
Trifolium pratense red clover 6/05/94 7/03/94 7/11/93 9/05/94
Trifolium repens white clover 6/05/94 7/03/94 7/11/93
Trifolium sp. hop clover 7/03/94 7/11/93
Triodanis perfoliata Venus' looking glass
Tsuga canadensis hemlock
Typha latifolia cattails
Ulmus. sp. elm
Vaccinium corymbosum highbush blueberry 5/13/93
Vaccinium pallidum hillside blueberry
Vaccinium sp. lowbush blueberry or deerberry
Veratrum viride swamp hellebore
Verbena hastata blue vervain 6/30/94 7/03/94 7/11/93 9/05/94
Vernonia noveboracensis New York ironweed 8/30/93 9/05/94
Veronica officinalis common speedwell 6/05/94
Veronica serpyllifolia thyme-leaved speedwell 6/05/94
Viburnum acerifolium maple-leaf viburnum
Viburnum dentatum downy arrowwood 6/05/94
Viburnum prunifolium blackhaw viburnum 5/13/93
Viola sagittata arrow-leaved violet
Viola selkirki long-spurred violet
Viola sororia common blue violet 5/13/93
Viola sp. confederate violet 4/13/95