Putnam County, NY
1,423 acres
No pets or bicycles.


The camp is owned by the Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


There are seasonal ridgetop views of the lake and rolling terrain.


Only the northern and western parts of the reservation are open to the public for hiking. The areas that the scouts use near Clear Lake is off-limits.

There is a 6.4 mile hiking circuit beginning in the southern portion of Fahnestock State Park, at the junction of Bell Hollow and Sunk Mine roads, where there is limited parking. (Sunk Mine Road is a rough, unmaintained road.)

The hike starts along Sunk Mine Road (about 300 yards south of Bell Hollow woods road) on the Blue Trail that turns off to the right (north) from the Candlewood Hill Trail (red).

The blue trail proceeds along a woods road for 0.2 miles.

Turn sharply left off the road just before a gate. Hike uphill 0.6 miles to a ridgetop (great, seasonal, view). This is followed by an open view of Clear Lake below.

(The Purple Trail is passed at 1.5 miles. At 1.9 miles, pass the Green Trail. This trail takes you off the Clear Lake property, proceeding north into Fahnestock to connect with the Three Lakes Trail. You next pass the junction with the White Trail at 2.1 miles and the other end of the Purple Trail at 2.4 miles.)

At 2.6 miles, turn left off the Blue Trail onto the Blue-White Trail. It ends at 2.9 miles. Turn left onto the White Trail; continue until it ends at the Blue Trail at 4.3 miles. Turn right onto the Blue Trail, and retrace your route along the ridge top southward to your car.

Info from Trail Walker (Nov/Dec 1999) p. 3