Luschinsky Preserve
Patterson, Putnam County, New York
15 acres

The land sits above Mendel's Pond (now Turtle Pond). 


off Route 164


Mildred Luschinsky donated about 15 acres of property that her family held for more than 40 years to the Putnam County Land Trust: Save Open Spaces Inc.  She fell in love with the property the first time she saw it, in 1960.  Luschinsky is said to be selling her home and moving to Massachusetts to be with family.


woodlands, ridge tops and rock formations


fox, deer, coyote, rabbits and turkeys 


oak, white pine and mountain laurel

Source: Michael Risinit, May 5, 2001.  "Woman gives 15 acres for nature preserve," The Journal News. (

A strong leader of PLCT was Micahel Ciaiola who was a strong advocate for the protection of open space throughout Putnam, from preserving large swaths of the Great Swamp to saving smaller patches of forest. After an 11-year struggle, he helped acquire the 46-acre pond and surrounding wetlands in June 1999. The group's second president, he died of cancer on Christmas Day that year.

Edie Keasbey, a trust member and Patterson resident, described Ciaiola as a "one-man show who worked very hard." Pollock agreed, citing Ciaiola's "insight and intellectualism" in protecting open spaces.